The SENSORMANAGER II is a system extension for the CS121 Adapter Series for integrating additional digital and analogue sensors into the monitoring system. The SENSORMANAGER II provides

  • 8 analogue inputs for the monitoring of temperature, humidity and other types of sensors,
  • 4 digital inputs/outputs for the management of arbitrary digital input/output signals, e.g. sensors & actuators

A SENSORMANAGER II version which can be connected to a Windows computer running UPSMAN software is also available. Control, monitoring and configuration of the SENSORMANAGER II is done by the according interfaces of either the CS121 or the UPSMAN.





In addition, a specific RFC1628 extension is available for easy integration into SNMP environments.

For more information refer to the SENSORMANAGER II Datasheet or contact our support team.

  • 8 analog inputs: 0-10V (optional: 0-20mA)
  • 4 digital inputs: 0-48V
  • 4 digital outputs: 500mA
  • RS-232 serial interface: 1 output, Sub D9 (cables included)
  • Power supply: 9-24VDC wide range, 500mA
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C, 10-80%, not condensated
  • Dimensions: 110x150 mm, 210 g
  • CE certificated
Connection Scheme

SENSORMANAGER Connection Scheme


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