UPS Monitor

In order to display the UPSMAN data via the network in a customer friendly fashion, the modules UPSMON and JAVAMON are included for free. The UPSMON is a client for all Microsoft platforms, whereas the JAVAMON can be started on all operating systems, that support JAVA. A LAN, WAN, or Internet (TCP/IP) connection can be used as a network connection between UPSMAN and the management interfaces. Both graphic interfaces can be customized to the demands of the manufacturer. This allows for an adaptation of all UPS systems with all different kinds of functions. UPS systems with serial interfaces often contain a variety of measured values and status information. Those can be displayed using overview or block diagrams.

UPSMON Custom Screen
  UPSMON Custom Screen

Other devices, such as diesel generators or extra measuring units can be integrated with this management software via the network. A separate password protected screen can be created, if the devices also support remote controlling commands. The values and status information, which are stored in the UPSMAN log file, can be requested from every computer with an installed UPSMAN module.

Link Download UPSMAN Data Sheet
Link Download UPSMAN User Manual
  • Monitoring of all UPS systems that are connected in the network via UPSMAN and respective SNMP adapter
  • gCHART dynamic visual log file grapher
  • Remote controlling of all UPS systems via the network
  • Graphic display of the UPS input data (voltage, power)
  • Read out and display of the UPSMAN event-log files
  • Programming of the UPSMAN scheduler
  • Graphic screens containing all UPS information
  • Graphic screens also under UNIX, MAC, VMS (JAVAMON)
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