• Remote Console CoMmanD Network Shutdown, Messaging & Redundancy Manager
    for Heterogeneous Networks and Virtual Machines
General Information
RCCMD is the most widely used shutdown client/server solution for UPS secured network environments. Over 1400 different UPS systems from over 70 different manufactures are supported by GENEREX UPS Management solutions and RCCMD has been made to match this diversity and is available for a majority of the most widely used operating systems.

RCCMD Configuration Wizard RCCMD Configuration Wizard


RCCMD OS Selection Screen RCCMD OS Selection Screen

RCCMD version 3 for Windows
This is GENEREX's client side solution for parallel redundant UPS systems. It allows the user to secure any Windows RCCMD client workstation by up to four different UPSMAN managed UPS making the implementation of parallel redundant backup power more reliable, flexible and easier to use. Simply scan the network for the available UPSMAN servers managing the UPS systems during setup and select the resources.
The worldwide best-known program for the shutdown of up to several hundred computers in a network is the RCCMD (Remote Control Command) module. The program is ported for the same platforms as the UPSMAN module. It is possible to install this program on all computers in the network and if necessary to initiate shutdowns following data back up. This option exists in homogeneous as well as in heterogeneous networks. Every computer that has a UPSMAN or a CS141 adapter installed can be used as a sender.
In order to insure an adequate level of security, a list of one or several authorized sender addresses can be set up on every RCCMD client to avoid any unauthorized controlling of single computers. The connection -when needed- is established only for a couple of seconds. This prevents any possibility for so the called 'tunneling', meaning that unauthorized access to the hard drive of the client computer is not possible.

  • Available for 25 operating systems, including Windows 9x/NT/2K, Server2003/XP/Vista, Novell Netware, MacOSX, UNIX, DEC VMS and AS400
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Sequential network shutdown
  • Remote configuration of RCCMD clients
  • Nearly unlimited event management options
  • Security check against unauthorized controlling of the client computers
  • SSL support
  • No strain on network traffic
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