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Software Solutions
  • Wide range of scalable UPS Management and Monitoring solutions: From single-desktop systems to multi-platform computing centers.
  • Remote monitoring and administration for sensitive systems in need of reliable and stable protection.
  • Network Remote control of any operating system and computer
  • Transfers alarm messages and remote script commands through networks on multiple computers and different operating systems
  • Simultaneous shutdown of computers and operating systems at critical conditions
  • Network management software for monitoring and managing of UPS, Inverters, Rectifiers, Batteries, Generators and Environmental sensor
  • Programmable reactions in case of critical conditions
  • Various connections (LAN, Modem, Wireless, VPN etc.) and customizable user interface
Overview Software
  • Management module for UPS systems through serial, USB and network ports
  • Messaging and automatic shutdown in case of critical conditions
  • Programmable for individual scriptings
  • Graphical Interface and logging
  • Web and Windows-application for the graphical display and management of UPS and other devices
  • Display of graphs, measuring data
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