• 19" Ethernet Rack Manager for 64 Alarm Contacts
General Information
Easily setup a complete facility alarm system that can be managed and monitored over the network. Simply install door, window, fire, smoke and other digital contact alarms where needed and connect them to the SITEMONITOR II. No system supervision is necessary. The SITEMONITOR II manages all alarms independently in accordance with the administrators configuration. Network and system shutdowns (RCCMD required) are executed automatically, and alarms are relayed using email or SMS to the responsible parties. The SITEMONITOR II is a stand-alone management system that also integrates well into other network management systems. The SITEMONITOR II has been specifically developed for the monitoring of additional devices or monitoring buildings alone or in conjunction with UPS Management Software.
The device incorporates 64 potential free contacts, and the status is displayed via 64 LEDs on the front of the device. Via the integrated serial interface, all information can be read and processed by other systems. An unlimited number of SITEMONITOR IIs can be centrally monitored with one computer running UNMS II. The SITEMONITOR II is a 19-inch slot, that allows for integration into 19-inch racks or the mounting into separate 19-inch wall units.

For more information please refer to the SITEMONITOR II Datasheet or contact our sales department.

  • 64 configurable digital inputs
  • Optional remote access for alarm and log output via modem (RASMANAGER mode)
  • Monitoring via SNMP
  • Remote configuration
  • LED-status display
  • 19"-chasis, only 1 HE
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