UPSMAN Software
  • Monitoring of UPS systems with serial interfaces
  • Local or network shutdown of up several hundred computers


General Information

The UPS management software UPSMAN communicates with Unterinteruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and other devices via serial, USB or network interfaces in order to receive status information and measurement data. As long as the UPS runs on normal power, the function of the UPSMAN is to protocol all events into a log-file and to provide the same data in the network to applications that visualize these.

During a power failure the UPSMAN monitors the remaining battery time of a UPS and initiates local or network shutdowns of protected computers if necessary. Every UPSMAN is able to utilize the Generex RCCMD software allowing for messaging and shutdown of computers in homogeneous and heterogeneous networks. Different methods are available for executing shutdowns and start-ups: Cold boots, Warm boots, and Wake on LAN. Moreover, the highly configurable and nearly unlimited UPSMAN event handling system enables the user to pre-configure the system to automatically carry out situation dependent actions for a wide range of cases like user notifications via network messages, e-mails or SMS, or sending RCCMD commnands to remote computer.

UPSMAN can also be supplemented with a Web server to make monitored data accessible from every networked terminal using any standard Web browser. In addition to this, UPSMAN can start pre-configured applications, during 4 different stages of the battery remaining time. Such things as sequential network shutdowns and safe shutdowns of databases are possible when multiple computers are in use with the UPS system.

For more information please refer to the UPS Management Software data sheet or contact our sales department.

  • Available for Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista, Macintosh OSX, UNIX and VMS
  • Monitoring of UPS systems with serial interfaces
  • Local or network shutdown of up several hundred computers
  • Integrated RFC 1628 compliant SNMP-Agent
  • Event dependent sending of network messages, e-mails and SMS
  • Logging of all UPS status information and measurement values
  • Scheduler for time controlled execution of arbitrary functions, such as reboot,
    shutdown and others
  • Password protection of all UPS remote control features
  • Time dependent control of up to 4 consumer groups (optional hardware required)
  • Available in 11 languages
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