UNMS II - The Universal Network Management System
  • Central Management of Network and Emailtrap® controlled UPS Systems, Battery Systems, Environmental Sensors, Alarm Contacts or other Alarm and Measuring Devices
  • Customizable, User Configurable Graphical Interface
General Information    
The UPS Network Management System UNMS II is a Windows program for monitoring UPSMAN and SNMP managed uninterruptible power supplies and various other devices in a network environment. UNMS II is completely web-based and can be used to monitor the UNMS from any Web browser. UNMS II also provides users with dynamic web pages that make monitoring the UNMS simple and easy with user defined overviews, popup alarms, and a color coded protocol log file with search and filter interface.


Central to all solutions is the overview screen where single units or whole unit groups are represented with colored status icons for quick&easy monitoring. More detailed information for every unit can be retrieved using specialized screens. In cases of power failures or other alarm situations, visual and acoustic signals are prompted in a popup window of an open UNMS II Web interface and are logged in the UNMS II log file. However, all of the primary alarms can be fully automated so that no active attendance is required.

A special administration program allows easy configuration of all aspects of the UNMS II system, including the adding and removing of managed devices and sites, the changing of background images and icons, and the defining and prioritizing of event actions like alarm notifications by e-mail or SMS messages or other operations on the host machine.

A free version of UNMS II for monitoring up to 9 devices is included within the Windows UPSMAN Software Suite at no extra costs. For larger UPS installations and for more specialized functions, GENEREX offers customized versions with nearly unlimited possibilities in function and size of the monitored systems.

For more information please refer to the UNMS II Datasheet or contact our sales department. Read also about the UNMS II Custom Version.

UNMS II Standard UPS Screen UNMS II Standard UPS screen


UNMS II Log File UNMS II Log File

  • Clear display
  • Easy configuration
  • Number of connections customizable depending on license
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Extendable on request
  • Optional with SNMP/WEBmanager, CS141, support (please see also customizable solutions)
  • Optional with up to 1500 UPS (please see also customizable solutions)


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