The main function of the JAVA-based USW application is monitoring redundant UPS systems by SNMP and to react on user-defined events. Any SNMP-capable client, e.g. a CS121 adapter or a UPSMAN with SNMP agent, can be integrated into the USW System. The distinctive feature is the possibility of bundling single units into groups in order to construct virtual redundant UPS systems. By utilizing event-driven RCCMD commands, sequential network shutdowns and arbitrary alarm notifications via network messages, E-mail or SMS can be executed, while all status changes and alarms are protocolled in a separate event screen. The USW package includes the monitoring programs UPSMON and JAVAMON which can be started with a single-click to retrieve more detailed data from any unit in the system. The USW is a JAVA-based program for use under UNIX and all Windows operating systems.



Screenshot USW with 6 Modules Screenshot USW with 6 Modules

  • Monitoring of parallel and single UPS systems via SNMP
  • Easy and clear display of all UPS status information on one screen
  • User-defined configuration of events
  • Sequential shutdown of computers in homogeneous and heterogeneous networks
  • JAVA-based program
  • Available for UNIX and all Windows Systems
  • Additional monitoring on single mouse-click with UPSMON or JAVAMON
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