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Windows FAQ
Can't set-up UPS communication displays under NT, using a cable connection.
Test the cable connections using type 2 instead of type 6. Make sure that users are informed about a possible shutdown of the server and that they exit the system. Important: Set the UPSMAN automatic start process to manual start before you continue. (NT service list). If the system shutdowns right after starting UPSMAN (using a cable 2 or 6 connected to the com port and no UPS is connected to this cable), than there is a problem with the com port of your NT computer. With cable nr. 2 or nr. 6 connected to the COM port but not to UPS => the NT UPSMAN must start with settings cable2, otherwise the COM port is not correct or not working correctly. See event viewer if the UPSMAN is started or not. The NT service list is not very accurate.
Why is there a special shutdown module for Windows 95/98?
Windows 95/98 needs a special application for a shutdown of the system. Replace the command own in the configuration *.cfg in the entry Job NetShutdown with the command (\Path\) EXITW32.exe -shutdown . You will see more parameters when entering exitw32.exe from the command line.
UPSMAN does not start: Error 4603: Connection: Connection failed error
Error 4603 means that you use a device name which does not exist. Try another device and check the NT/2000 serial connection settings. Test if the software starts with Cable Open.
How can I check, wether I am using the right COM port and if the port is available?
  1. Choose cable settings to Type O
  2. Plug a serial 1-1 cable to your computer.
  3. Start the software upsman.
  4. Make a short circuit of the DB 9 pins 2 and 3 with a paper clip. If you do not see a message like powerfail ..., you are using the wrong device, the port may not be available or the send and receive pins are not 2 and 3.
UPSMAN does not start. Error 4605: Connection: Timeout failure
This error occurs only with cable settings serial. Possible Problems: You use the wrong device, you use the wrong cable, you use the wrong adapter between computer and cable, you are using the wrong protocol (UPS modelname).
User receives the error message: Database not found or corrupted.
a. The Upsman-Service has not been installed or configured. Change to the control panel or UPS configuration and configure the Upsman-Service with a UPS model from the list. The file is defect or is missing. Execute a new installation with the correct CD-Key. This may happen during the startup of the NT computer. The UPS did not respond within the timeout period to the UPSMAN service. Try to start the UPSMAN manually from the control panel, when the computer finished its startup. There may be other services that are not working properly. See the NT Event Viewer for other problems. Solve these problems first, than retry to start UPSMAN.
NT/2000 UPSMAN responds Service failed to start.
  1. Check if there is a network card in this NT computer. NT UPSMAN cannot work without the Messenger Service which works only with a network card. You may install the MS Loopback adapter from the NT CD-ROM instead of a real network card, now the other related services are installed.
  2. Check if there is any other service not running or having problems with the startup. You can see the related services of the UPSMAN in the NT Diagnostic Service. Open the SERVICE information and mark UPSMAN SERVICE. Doubleclick the UPSMAN service and see the related service which has to work correctly before the UPSMAN is able to start.(Eventlog, LanManServer, Messenger)
Windows 95/98 hangs up when RCCMD is started.
Winpopup.exe and RCCMD are both using port 6003 as a standard. Please change The UPSMAN port address to a free port on in the UPSMAN configuration menu.
Under Windows NT4.0/2000 the UPS switches off the UPS output when connected via a potential free contact.
The Boot.ini needs an entry to avoid the automatic mouse detection. Please use the following steps: Using the Explorer, remove the attributes –r and –s in the Boot.ini Insert the line "/noserialmice=comx". The x stands for the number of the com port, e.g. 1. Save the changes and set the attributes back to the original value
Using a Logitech mouse driver the UPS which is connected via the potential free contact, switches the UPS output off during the boot process.
If under simultaneous operation of serial devices problems with MouseWare occur, please start the program regedit.exe under Windows 95 and open the key:
  • Windows 9x: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Logitech\MouseWare\CurrentVersion\ Global\PortSearchOrder
  • Windows NT 4.0: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\lsermous\Parameters\ Global\PortSearchOrder
and remove the COM port to which the effected device is connected to.
Under Windows NT/2000 the installation of the Microsoft peer - web service can cause problems. An error message indicates that the server is already installed and the computer needs to be restarted, although the server is not installed.
The setup.exe shows that the service is already installed, although this is not true.
The software shows that the "Peer web server" has been installed from someone else and a rerun of the control panel is necessary.´ However, no web server is installed.
Remove the following entries from your Registry and reinstall the peer web service after that:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\w3svc
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\InetMgr
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\InetSrv
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\InetStp
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