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Novell/Netware FAQ
ASUS P5HX/B (series 1997) does not accept any NOFIFO Parameters at NOVELL AIOCOMX Commands.
Node Parameter Problem with Novell NetWare: If AIOCOMX is installed and reponds with the message "loaded aiocomx 2F8 on port 36789690 " the node parameter, e.g. NODE=1, has to be specified otherwise the serial port will not work.
The UPS-Management software could not establish the communication to the UPS.
You may have configured a port which is not found by aiocomx.nlm. Check the ports offered by aiocomx.nlm. Pay attention to the screen display when starting aiocomx.nlm. If aiocomx.nlm has been started, unload aiocomx.nlm and start it again to check the parameters. Check if other modules are using aiocomx.nlm (like fax software, time synchronizing modules, etc.)
When using NetWare Small Business it might be necessary to unload aiocomx manually and to restart the upsman.nlm. Otherwise the UPS-Management Software is not able to start.
I receive the error message: Loader cannot find public symbol
Has SNMP been loaded before the start of the UPS service? Check the SNMP-Version. From version 2.08 on communication is possible. Please use a CLIB.NLM that is able to work with SNMP.NLM.
I receive the error message: Can’t set up UPS-Communication
UPSMAN can not identify the protocol. Solutions:
  1. Has an original Novell NetWare aio- or aiocomx-driver been used? Some fax software products (e.g. Faxware) have their own aio-modules for serial communication which do not correspond with the NetWare-standard and overwrite the original drivers.
  2. Is the port of the system o.k.? In certain cases the port is unable to support the standard for NetWare-aio and -aiocomx (especially with ports on board with a 16550 components). Replace the aio- and aiocomx-modules with up-to-date drivers or try a manual start of the aiocomx-modules with the parameter nofifo (load sys:system\aiocomx nofifo).
  3. Is the communication speed for aiocomx too high? Set the UPS on a communication rate of 2400 or 1200 baud, if your UPS supports this, and test it again. If you can't reduce the communication speed of your UPS-model set the parameter for aiocomx to maxrate=baud. You can find further information concerning the parameters in aiocomx help and on the CD in the Drivers directory
  4. Is the server using out-of-date modules? An up-to-date CLIB for example is required for RCCMD. Compare the module status in your sys:system-directory with the included drivers in the sys:<UPS service>-directory and replace them if necessary.
The UPS-Client crashes and a blank screen appears.
  1. Your system uses out-dated NetWare-drivers for IPX-communication. Use at least NetWare-VLM or newer drivers and compare the module status in your Windows\System-directory with the included drivers of the UPS-Service.
  2. Especially for the first versions of NetWare 4.1 an upgrade to the new TLI-, STREAMS and SPXS-drivers is necessary. Those should be replaced with an error free version. We strongly recommend to load the NetWare-Patches for Version 4.1, too. You can obtain all drivers via Compuserve, the Internet or your specialist dealer. The driver section of our UPS software CD ROM also delivers several actual patches and error free modules.
  3. Windows for Workgroups is distracted by the TLI-communication with NetWare in parallel use. To obtain perfect communication with the NetWare-Service the Peer to Peer functions under Windows for Workgroups have to be stopped. Use the NetWare Shell only.
A client-connection to UPSMAN cannot be established with IPX/TLI
  1. Please upgrade your Windows system with actual drivers for TLI under Windows recommended by Novell. Those drivers have to be copied to the NetWare server and Windows system directory.
  2. For Windows NT/2000 there are IPX/TLI-functions only with the error free drivers. The CD-ROM contains these drivers like all Novell NetWare client systems. (Driver/Netware/...) We always recommend to use the TCP/IP-Protocol. Configure a TCP/IP-connection on the Novell-Server.
  3. Use only the latest Novell NetWare-Client for NT/2000. This client can be found on the CD under /Drivers/Netware/Client/NT or download the files from the Novell-site from the Internet.
NOVELL SFT 3: UPSMAN works fine also on NetWare SFT 3, but the following installation procedure must be respected:
  1. Install UPSMAN on the NetWare Servers DOS partition into eg. C:\nwserver\ups.
  2. Enter the load command into now start the server and load AIOCOMX on both IO engines. Start UPSMAN now.
ALPHA NT 4 Installation from CD 4.17 - Installation SETUP stops.
The problem is that the file REGISTER.BAT is not on the CD. The file should be copied manually into the directory. The set-up will run as normal after this.
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