UNMS II - Custom Version

General Information
This page contains information pertaining to additional features of the UNMS II Custom Version. For more general information please refer to the UNMS II Free Edition page.

In general, UNMS II is a scalable solution. This makes it possible for companies to purchase licenses that fulfill their specific requirements in regards to the number of UPS and SNMP devices that are to be monitored by UNMS II. The custom version can integrate over a thousand connections to network devices with UPSMAN services and other supported SNMP devices depending on the UNMS II license.

Customers with older UNMS I projects can quickly and easily rebuild their projects into UNMS II projects using the editor of the new UNMS II administration program. Alternatively, GENEREX offers support for converting older UNMS I installations into UNMS II projects for a fee depending on the size and complexity of the project. A detailed offer can be made upon request, please contact support in this regard.

Additional SNMP devices include diesel generators, building surveillance systems and other security relevant equipment. The user can preset the display of the information. The design of the customizable screens allows the integration of geographical maps, building layout plans or table charts for example. GENEREX offers also the integration of not-yet-supported devices and protocols into the UNMS II. Currently English and German versions are available, additional languages upon request. For greater clarity while monitoring a huge number of devices, the UNMS II provides the possibility of grouping devices in hierarchies of arbitrary depth, while administrating the device and location data in a database. Entries about the device type, location, contact person, etc. can so be requested via mouse click.

For more information please refer to the UNMS II Datasheet or contact our support team.

Example UNMS II Custom Screen UNMS II Custom Screen


Example UNMS II Custom Overview Screen UNMS II Custom Overview Screen

  • Monitoring of UPS systems via UPSMAN, UPS Adapter CS141,
  • Special application interfaces
  • Up to 1000 connections possible
  • Customized graphic screens
  • Database for easy and flexible administration of locations
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