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Generex Systems GmbH
World-Largest OEM Producer of Shutdown and Monitoring Software

In 1993, GENEREX SYSTEMS Computervertriebsgesellschaft mbH was established in Hamburg. Since its founding, GENEREX has grown to become the world-largest OEM producer of shutdown and monitoring software and network adapters for UPS, battery and facility management systems. Designing solutions for more than 80 UPS manufacturers worldwide, GENEREX supports nearly all UPS systems.

GENEREX also broadens its scope of monitoring solutions with additional software and hardware products in the areas of security and technical facility management.

  Generex Headquarters in Hamburg


Global Market Leader
GENEREX is the world-leader in the area of UPS networks and one of the few manufacturers with a production depth of over 90%, with software and devices being assembled in Germany.
Along with these products GENEREX offers extensive technical support and consultation for OEM partners and consumers.
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