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BACS - Battery Analysis & Care System

- Monitoring, control and alarm system for all lead-based, NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries of 1.2 V to 16 V nominal voltage
- System solution to avoid unintentional or unexpected battery failures due to defective batteries and maintain the
  functionality as well as prolonging the service life of batteries
- The only effective battery management system with individual monitoring of voltage, temperature and impedance,
  and simultaneous regulation (equalizing / balancing) of the voltage per block or cell
- The only system with a safety circuit to avoid a thermal runaways and fire
- A unique battery management system that includes UL and CSA certification. "BACS" is a registered trademark
  and furthermore protected by patents in Europe, USA, Canada and China.
- The BACS system is modular and consists of the BACS WEBMANAGER, BACS modules, BACS cables and the
  BACS VIEWER software


















GENEREX is the largest manufacturer for BMS
in Europa and now the No. 3 in the USA










Among the battery management systems, our BACS system has established itself as a number 1 in the European market! Through our team in the US and Brazil, we have succeeded in massively increasing the distribution of BACS in America: BACS currently at the 3rd place of most trusted battery control systems in USA.

Globally, BACS is even the first choice to deal with particularly critical applications, such as data centers of banks or even the sensitive application of military customers.

Battery monitoring systems (BMS) can only
monitor batteries (monitoring)

In these systems, only the batteries are checked, in order to subsequently select the defective units.
Our patented BACS system provides the integration of other end devices, such as UPSs and sensors of all types to create a unique management concept. With BACS not only "monitoring" is introduced: Innovative control technology is provided to protect the sensitive accumulators from damage and increase the capacity and service life. 5 years after market introduction, our patented BACS "Battery Analysis & Care System" of the third generation is the number one! Thanks to its intuitive user guidance, self-intelligence and flexibility, it is the most innovative battery monitoring and management system, which can be transparently integrated into any network

Optimal charging voltage for maximum service life
The BACS system cyclically checks the internal resistance, temperature and voltage of each accumulator.
Thanks to our patented compensation process (in Europe known as "EQUALIZATION", worldwide called "BALANCING"), the charging voltage of each accumulator is individually corrected and adapted to the charging voltage of the charging unit. The accumulators are thus held in the optimum voltage range.

Constant monitoring and controlling the individual charging voltages for each accumulator guarantee its availability at all times and increases the service life of the accumulators.

The graphic shown at the top right demonstrates the use of BACS system:

As a preset, 5 new accumulators were installed in a line with 10-year-old cells. At the beginning, you can see how the older cells and the new cells are kept on one level thanks to the patented equalization.

After deactivating the BACS equalization, it is possible to observe why old and new accumulators cannot be installed together without equalization and what happens in "normal case", if all battery systems charge without equalization:
While the new accumulators are constantly being charged, the values of the old cells are getting worse and worse. As a consequence, both cells - the new and the old one - will be damaged.  Furthermore, overloading means heat as a secondary effect, an acute fire hazard is a plausible scenario. After restarting equalization, the values normalize, the cells are held in their individual ideal range.

Using the BACS system, the behavior of any cells within a UPS system can be studied for the first time and their performance can be evaluated transparently.
This individual wiring and control of the load not only prevents unpleasant surprises when the system has to provide maximum performance in an emergency. It also provides users unique possibilities to plan the exchange of on individual accumulator within a whole string without harming the whole installation. Theoretically, batteries can even be operated with BACS up to the design life and beyond.



Verifiable test results
Customers worldwide report a 50% - 100% longer service life compared to identical systems without BACS!
With our own test systems, the design life of the batteries was also reached and, thanks to BACS, even exceeded. BACS ensures the permanent availability and longevity of all accumulators and solves an old problem: The Achilles heights of a UPS system has always been the battery. With BACS, it is  a thing of the past!

All installations are controllable directly
through the network

The devices of the BACS ™ WEBMANAGER BUDGET series provide remote monitoring via Internet, VPN, Emailtrap, Modbus, SNMP and other network protocols. An automated control of several thousand batteries has thus become a child's game.

A BACS system includes a full-qualified UPS / SNMP and MODBUS Manager - compatible with any UPS provider on the market. A unique feature among UPS control devices! In addition to the measurement data of the accumulators, BACS can also manage ambient measurement values (temperature, humidity, acid level, hydrogen concentration, etc.). BACS even care about other systems like a whole UPS containing inverter, transfer switch, generators, potential-free contacts or air conditioning systems.

In fact, the overall monitoring of ambient parameters and UPS data results a unique control and alarm system and builds the most powerful battery management system that is currently available.

From now on, the reliability of your batteries
is predictable

With the help of the BACS ™ Viewer software a long-term analysis is available to find damaged or sub optimally maintained batteries. By doing that, you can anticipate the possible failure of a battery before reaching alarm thresholds and act before it is getting critical. The internal memory of the modules provides enough space to store BACS ™ battery data for a period of up to 10 years - the BACS VIEWER software is periodically archived and store it as long as you wish.

Economy, failure safety and nature conservancy
Without BACS, no UPS provides design life of installed batteries. They need to be replaced after a period of 50-70% to its design life data. With the use of BACS, it is possible to replace an old battery pack with a new battery without damaging the remaining batteries.

If defective batteries are replaced, BACS prevents a voltage increase or drop of the now different batteries in the battery rank. All batteries are permanently protected and the operation of the entire system is secured. Without BACS it is impossible to exchange only one damaged cell.  In order to maintain uniform charging cycles, all accumulators must be exchanged in the case of individual faulty cells - the new cells will be destroyed by the charging behavior of the UPS.

Using BACS means cost savings, increased security and a much lower environmental impact - with BACS, you not only protect your IT infrastructure but also contribute to environmental protection:
Thanks to the monitoring function combined with patented equalizing functions, batteries can be used much longer and are even more reliable!






BACS System Diagram



















BACS option for CS141L / LM / SC and SCM from FW 1.60

CS141 Professional with connection to the battery management system BACS






Starting with firmware 1.60, these webmanager based on the CS141 technology can be upgraded at any time with the innovative BACS and thus meet the challenges of modern IT landscapes with flexibility and modularity.

Take a look at the unique all-in-one
CS141 Professional

It is the only device on the market with such a comprehensive range of functions! It is also the only device that can be used for battery management in highly sensitive areas: the integrated high-voltage fuses and the meticulous separation of high voltage in the battery circuit (up to 1000 volts) and low voltage in the network (between 5 and 12 volts) - these features are essential for the unrivaled reliability in the long-term operation of BACS systems.

Emailtrap - monitoring the UPS systems
with maximum network security

The CS141 is currently the only device on the market with a remote monitoring concept, which does not interfere with security structures of company networks and is easy to implement. Thanks to its flexibility, the CS141 will provide a maximum of functionality even in very large installations with different UPS systems and even with different manufacturers.

is an autonomous micro server

You can use the CS141 for the alarm management of almost all UPS manufacturers since 1993. It supports a variety of communication protocols for automated applications and has a multilingual and intuitive user interface. Slot or externally - individually for your UPS system

The professional edition of the CS141
adapts to your existing hardware

The SC slot version can be used for all UPS systems with compatible slots, e.g. EATON BD slot, Socomec UPS VISON slot, MGE mini slots and the CS141 R slot for the AROS / RIELLO UPSs with NETMAN slot. The CS141 Mini Slot is compatible with most mini-slots from MGE, Voltronic, Eaton and Soltec as well as many other manufacturers. If a slot variants offered by a manufacturer do not fit, just ask for a specially adapted slot variant - we advise you about your specific CS141!  For all other UPSs produced by different manufacturers with an RS232 interface or a USB connection, the external versions are used.



Flexibility rules - CS141 Professional can do more
By default, the CS141 offers web servers with and without encryption for all models of email / SMTP client, MODBUS server over IP, SNMP V2 and V3. SMS modems, sensors for building management (temperature, humidity, alarm contacts etc.) are optionally available as well as Fieldbus servers (PROFIBUS, LONbus, BACnet) and an additional RS232 interface. In addition to the RS232 interface, the Professional Edition also supports the IO interface card CON_R_AUX4 via  AUX port. Therefore the device can adapt itself to every UPS or other alarm device.

There are different versions of the
CS141 Professional available:

Order No.: CS141SC (Slot)
Order No.: CS141L (External)

BACS System Starter Kits
Order No.: BACSKIT_BSC4 (Slot) - NEW
Order No.: BACSKIT_LB4 (External) - NEW

Software included
With the purchase of a manager you get a comprehensive software package:

1. An RCCMD software license
The RCCMD software helps with an automatic-controlled shutdown of virtual systems or even a unique computer within a network. As a special feature the user can freely define the conditions for such a shutdown.

2. UNMS software for up to 9 SNMP-capable systems
In addition, you will have access to the flexible UNMS II - the second-generation universal network management software - for up to 9 objects.

With the UNMS II, UPSMAN- and SNMP-monitored UPSs can be centrally managed and various other devices can be monitored in a network environment. These include the Battery Management System BACS, as well as environmental sensors and alarm contacts, e.g. Smoke detectors, motion detectors or door contacts.






The CS141 Pro for use with BACS as System Starter Kit










CS141 + BUS CONVERTER + Power Supply + Cable
Order No.: BACSKIT_BSC4 (Slot) - NEW


CS141 + BUS CONVERTER + Power Supply + Cable
Order No.: BACSKIT_LB4 (External) - NEW





Application Options of the CS141 Professional

















Simply connect to the CS141 MODBUS
The battery management system BACS!





Space-saving and intuitive devices with Ethernet adapters for monitoring and controlling UPSs, inverters, rectifiers, generators, ambient sensors, alarm contacts and up to 500 batteries are hard to find. There is no device that combines such a functional spectrum in one device:

CS141 MODBUS functionality with style
In principle, the CS141 MODBUS is similar to the CS141 Professional as SNMP / WEB / MODBUS Manager Professional - but there is a special feature: The RS232 interface has been replaced by an RS485 interface at the COM 2 port.
In addition, you can transform the CS141 MODBUS into a BACS system as easily as never before!
The SC slot version can be used for all UPS systems with compatible slots, e.g. EATON BD slot, Socomec UPS VISON slot, MGE mini slots and the CS141 R slot for the AROS / RIELLO UPSs with NETMAN slot. The CS141 Mini Slot is compatible with most mini-slots from MGE, Voltronic, Eaton and Soltec as well as many other manufacturers. If a slot variants offered by a manufacturer do not fit, just ask for a specially adapted slot variant - we advise you about your specific CS141!  For all other UPSs produced by different manufacturers with an RS232 interface or a USB connection, the external versions are used.



By default, the CS141 offers web servers with and without encryption for all models of email / SMTP client, MODBUS server over IP, SNMP V2 and V3. SMS modems, sensors for building management (temperature, humidity, alarm contacts etc.) are optionally available as well as Fieldbus servers (PROFIBUS, LONbus, BACnet).

Easy installation of the RS485 interface via clamps
The new 3-pin connector allows easy installation without the need for special tools. In addition to the RS485 interface, the CS141 MODBUS also supports the IO interface card CON_R_AUX4.  Thus, you can customize the CS141 MODBUS to almost any UPS or alarm device via a comfortable and intuitive web interface based on proven HTML technologies if a corresponding contact interface is available. The CS141 supports a variety of communication protocols for automated applications.

Several versions of the 
CS141 MODBUS are available:
Order No.:
CS141SCM (Slot)
Order No.: CS141LM (External)

BACS System Starter Kits
Order No.: BACSKIT_SCMB4 (Slot) - NEW
Order No.:
(External) - NEW






The CS141 MOD for use with BACS as System Starter Kit:










CS141 + BUS CONVERTER + Power Supply + Cable
Bestell-Nr.: BACSKIT_SCMB4 (Slot) - NEW


CS141 + BUS CONVERTER + Power Supply + Cable
Bestell-Nr.: BACSKIT_LMB4 (Extern) - NEW





Application Options of the CS141 MODBUS

















Extensive accessories for the CS141

For our adapters, we offer you numerous expansion options. to find out more about the products just click the button!




















BACS Control Cabinet with integrated touch panel





A newcomer complements the proven BACS Control Cabinets:
The complete and pre-assembled wall cabinets for BACS systems are IP56 rated and equipped with a built-in Windows computer and LCD flat screen providing touch control to ensure a visual and acoustic indication via the external door. Furthermore, a simple handling of the connections for inputs and outputs is provided by the use of terminal blocks.  For optimal installation a 230 V socket and Ethernet port are required For the power consumption of additional BACS bus devices please refer the data sheet.
Input: 110 V-240 V, max. 20 watts depending on the number of BACS bus components.
Output: 12 V 1600 mA - 1440 mA are available for up to 330 BACS modules per BACS WEBMANAGER
Optional: power supplies up to 3000mA for up to 600 battery modules.

Order No.:             Dimension (WxHxD)

BACS_CC1_TP  -  500*500*210mm/15.75*19.69*8.27in.
BACS_CC2_TP  -  500*500*210mm/19.69*19.69*8.27in.
BACS_CC3_TP  -  500*500*210mm/19.69*19.69*8.27in.
BACS_CC4_TP  -  600*760*210mm/19.69*19.69*8.27in.
BACS_CC5_TP  -  760*760*210mm/23.62*31.5*9.84in.
BACS_CC6_TP  -  760*760*210mm/23.62*31.5*9.84in.













BACS external temperature sensor with Faston connector

(US market only)





For installations with US batteries, there is usually a Faston connection, which is used for performing a manual voltage measurement. With the installation of a BACS system, this connection is usually no longer used. Faston connections are not suitable for measuring the internal resistance of a battery. The BACS system also performs its own measurement of the internal resistance of the monitored battery in real time. As a result, measurement data are available and do not have to be collected manually.

Order No.: BACS_TS23FA



Why this Faston port is not useless:
Use it in conjunction with an external temperature sensor for BACS 3, which has a FASTON 6.3mm plug. The installation of external temperature sensors is easier than the use of adhesive pads to fit sensors to the batteries. The physical connection to the FASTON makes measurements more precise and the connection more lasting than installations with adhesives.

This product is identical to BACS_TS1L23 / BACS_TS1L90 but with a FASTON 6.3mm / 0.25in. Connector.


















BACS Repeater







Sometimes batteries have to be distributed decentrally. Typical examples for such a decentralized arrangement of batteries are ships or railway tunnels.

Order No.: BACS_REP


The BACS bus repeater is an active line repeater for the BACS 3 communication bus. It can increase the range between two BACS modules or BACS Webmanager and BACS modules by up to 100 meters.
On delivery included: 12 / 2A power supply and setup manual.




















BACS ELS - Sensor system for wet cells





If the fill level drops drastically in the case of wet cells due to damage to the casing, a temperature increase including a complete function failure may happen. In worst case, the wet cell starts to burn. The regular monitoring of the filling levels in large installations is therefore indispensable, but also very time- and cost-intensive.

The new BACS ELS sensor offers a solution:
This BACS sensor is designed to detect and monitor the liquid level as well as the temperatures the whole wet cell, lead or NiCad batteries, equipped with a transparent or IR light-permeable housing. The sensor system is supported by external light compensation against external influences like sunlight or fluorescent tubes. Thus, it is reliable in industrial environments.

How BACS ELS works
The BACS ELS sensor uses several infrared proximity sensors, which can measure the liquid levels through the plastic housing transparent to low-wattage light beams and provide a very reliable signal. Therefore, the sensor is suitable for all wet cells with transparent or translucent plastics.
The assembly is carried out by means of a plastic frame which is bonded to the housing of the battery using a special adhesive for plastics.
After installing, the sensor provides several alarm states:
- "Good" (green)
- "Warning" (yellow)
- "Alarm" (red)
The BACS ELS can be installed as a "standalone" system without a BACS WEBMANAGER but also operate with the BACS bus system.

Detection of the filling level for wet cell batteries using
  transparent housing
- Different warning and alarm states to survey filling levels
- Works both: as a standalone system or like a BACS bus sensor
- High-precision temperature monitoring in stand-alone operation
- Additional display of temperatures in BACS bus mode
- Signaling of the status via LEDs as well as on the
  BACS website.

1.) ELS as standalone 
The ELS is connected to an Extended Distribution Box. The Extended Distribution Box provides the power supply for the sensor and ensures the communication to any higher-level warning systems
(ELS_EDB). The EDB coordinates connected sensors by reading measure values. At predefined values, the EDB closes alarm contacts to communicate with a system connected to it. The sensors itself provide an optical feedback to the monitored batteries via the LEDs to facilitate the search for a defective cell.





Order No.: BACS_ELS.

If the ELS is part of the BACS bus system, the measured data are transmitted to the BACS WEBMANAGER.
As a special feature, the ELS sensor and the BACS module simultaneously carry out their own temperature measurements. The BACS system gets temperature data from different measuring points of a monitored battery.
These measurement data can be displayed at the information screen of the WEBMANAGER, used to define alarm behavior and to configure BACS functions such as MODBUS; SNMP, e-mail, emailltrap, etc. to ensure more exact remote monitoring. Thanks to its LEDs, the ELS sensor can be additionally used for an optical aid on site. The alarm contacts are not required as the BACS WEBMANAGER manages all alarm threshold values and controls the necessary modules and functions accordingly.

- Detection of the filling level for wet cell batteries using
  transparent housing
- Different warning and alarm levels for filling level
  and temperature
- Usable as a flexible standalone system providing connections
  to higher-level alarm systems
- High Precision Temperature detection by innovative technology
Additional functions in conjunction with the BACS BUS:
- Second measuring point for decentralized temperature
- Signaling via BACS Manager and LEDs on site
















BACS current sensor with hinged sound sensor





The new BACS current sensor replaces the current sensors, which have been in use since 2006/2006. The more flexible design allows subsequent installation into existing battery systems. A hinge allows opening the upper ring to simplify inserting the power cables. In fact, retrofitting with this Hall sensor is quick and cost-effective: The fold-out ring makes the installation work easier and extensive conversions unnecessary.

Increased performance
In addition, these new devices cover higher measuring ranges, which has reduced the number of models in our product range into two designs: They cover a current range up to 500A or 2000A.

Order No.: BACS_CSH500
Order No.: BACS_CSH2000












Hydrogen sensor







Some concepts in the battery technology can sometimes "gas" as a secondary effect - thereby igniting highly inflammable hydrogen via the exhaust valves. These hydrogen accumulations form so-called "nests" on the ceiling or the battery packs. From a certain concentration, a highly explosive hydrogen-oxygen atmosphere is formed: From now on, one electric spark is sufficient for a catastrophe.

In order to prevent this dangerous situation, there are special hydrogen sensors with the capability to trigger an alarm in good time. Secure your battery room with our new hydrogen sensor designed for batteries - a complete and compact monitoring system for H2 detection including visual display on the unit itself and an acoustic alarm buzzer as well as 7.5 meters / 295.28in. Connecting cable.

This device can be used to ensure compliance with the IEEE Std 484-2002, National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Article 64, and Uniform Building Code (UBC) sparkling wine 6400 standards for battery rooms.

The hydrogen sensor adapts flexibly to your system:
1.) As a standalone system
The potential-free contact output allows the sensor to be a stand-alone system and communicate with other systems. It can be transparently integrated into existing concepts as an additional protective measure. For example, a CON_AUX4 or CON_R_AUX4 can be used to establish communication with the CS141. This allows the user e.g. to configure triggering a fan / air conditioner to reduce the H2 concentration if necessary.





2.) With direct connection to a SENSORMANAGER

When a specific concentration is reached, potential-free contacts are switched. These contacts are monitored and evaluated directly by the manager. According to the configuration of manager the entire system will react to this alarm.

Input: 110V / 220V VAC and / or 12-48VDC (redundant), operation -30 C-90 C

Technical specifications
Working range up to 85% humidity, diagnostics test,
Audible and visual (strobe) alarm.
2 relay outputs 15A @ 120V / 10A at 220V
for 1% H2 concentration pre-alarm, 2% H2 concentration alarm.

Order No.:












GENEREX CAT 5 LAN coupling modules for easy installation





Modern UPS systems are complex and intelligent components within a complex network. Furthermore, they are networked with a variety of systems. It has become customary to plan these intelligent power supply systems while designing a new doing that, it is easy to provide necessary connections for the network and the UPS. However, this preliminary planning is not always possible: The difficulties begin when companies need to update the UPS. It is unsure, whether an old building would be able to provide all network requirements of modern emergency power systems.

Therefore, in addition to the standard installation with E-DAT modules with crimpable cables, GENEREX now offers the new RJ45 Coupling Rail for easy and fast installation of network cables:
The coupler allows you to connect your Control Cabinet flexibly with standard patch cables.
Existing patch panels or even pre-installed RJ45 sockets can be used without any special installation effort or crimping. The LAN / LAN connection is the fastest way to upgrade your UPS with the modern BACS system.
The CAT-5 coupling module is designed for mounting on a DIN EN standardized rail.

Order No.: RJ45_CLK















GSM and GSM_3G - Uplink







If system-critical or dangerous events occur in which competent coordinators and technicians have to intervene immediately even in the case of large network error, it is advisable to install independent communication paths.
A GSM modem provides this independent path:
The GSM modem connects via its own SIM card to its telecommunication provider and allows the CS141 to write an SMS for any event. As a result, technicians and coordinators remain reachable even in the case of a major disruption to emergency measures.

Order No.: GSM

The alternative to GSM: The 3G modem

While in Europe GSM is still an industrial standard and is actively operated by telecommunication companies. However, outside the EU zone some countries have already switched to the 3G standard and consistently shut down the GSM network.
Customers who need an independent uplink for emergency communications can use a 3G modem to send emergency information to the appropriate staff via SMS. In addition, the 3G modem is down-compliant to the GSM standard and can therefore be used worldwide.

Order No.: GSM_3G














Error in price list 2016!
SITEMANAGER 5 BACS is still available





Our pricing list 2016 unfortunately has a small mistake, which we want to correct at this point:

The SITEMANAGER 5 BACS, the popular 19 "rack version of the BACS WEBMANAGER with SITEMANAGER IV functionality, is still available.


The SITEMANAGER 5 is fully UNMS compatible - it can be managed completely  by our UNMS software including email traps for BACS. The SITEMANAGER 5 comes with an RCCMD server to manage remote shutdown of network computers.

The SITEMANAGER 5 can be managed via a comfortable interface for the web browser, offering the following core functions:
8 switchable outputs (up to 4A AC)
8 switchable digital potential-free contacts
There are 8 analog inputs to connect  sensors
  for the ranges of 0-10V 0 - 20mA and / or 4-20mA are available
Faster and larger flash ROM to store alarm log history
330 BACS modules can be managed with one device

As a special feature, alarms and automatic responses are individually configurable; for example, all 8 230V sockets can be individually controlled and respond to alarms from both digital inputs or analogue measuring devices.

Order No.: SITEMAN_V





Backside of the SITEMANAGER 5



















Starting from November 2017:
The SITEMANAGER 6 BACS based on CS141





The SITEMANAGER 6 is fully UNMS compliant - fully manageable by our proven UNMS software, including E-MailTraps for BACS (UNMS II Software available separately).

Individual control and flexible management

Control individually up to 8 230V sockets and react optimally to the alarms from the digital inputs or analogue measuring devices. Of course, an RCCMD server is included to manage remote shutdown commands from network computers.

The SITEMANAGER 6 offers possibilities to monitor environmental data and set alarm thresholds according to customer requirements - even system-independent components can be configured to run within this SITEMANAGER. The digital input channel for status displays and alarm management also supports the management of up to 500 BACS-connected batteries.


New technology and more memory
Inside the SITEMANAGER 6 works the new CS141. This makes the whole system incredible fast compared to the proven SITEMANAGER 4 and 5, which are based on the CS121 series.
The SITEMANAGER 6 runs a fully integrated BACS WEBMANAGER, but the supply voltage range is wider than usual (18VDC-75VDC).  This makes the SITEMANAGER 6 up to 10 times faster than its predecessor. Furthermore, the device comes with a UPS interface on board.

It can be used via Web browser interface, …
… to manage 8 outputs (Up to 4A AC)
… to monitor 8 digital alarm inputs
… 8 analog inputs (0-10V, 0-20 mA and / or 4-20 mA sensors)
… to connect up to 500 BACS modules

Wide range of functionality
The 19 "Ethernet Rack Manager provides a wide range of connectivity for environmental sensors, voltage and current sensors, custom sensors, alarm contacts, power switching and teleservice or connection via e-mail trap as well as providing via multilingual euqipped web interface configurable SNMP server.

The SITEMENAGER 6 is a rack version of the BACS WEBMANAGER with SITEMANAGER IV functionality, built for 19 "racks. It is identical to the SITEMANAGER 5, but much, much faster!

Order No.: SITEMAN_6














Around the World with GENEREX
ELINEX is exhibiting at the International Port Exhibition 2017 in Rotterdam
the UNMSII and the innovative Battery Analyze & Care System BACS






ELINEX is exhibiting at the International Port Exhibition 2017 in Rotterdam the UNMSII and the innovative Battery Analyze & Care System BACS
 On 10th and 11th May, the Dutch specialist for uninterrupted power supplies presented the emergency power management system, developed and patented by GENEREX, on its exhibition area at the Port Exhibition.
Interested visitors from the fair were able to get to know the experts at ELINEX, who were informed about the interplay between UNMS II and the patented BACS Battery Analyze & Care System.
For more information on the Port Exhibition 2017 in Rotterdam, please visit:

*ELINEX - a well-known name in the Dutch market for uninterrupted power supply - relies on the systems developed and patented by GENEREX














Use of BACS at  TELEFAX / Uruguay!





TELEFAX is currently the leading supplier in Uruguay for planning, installation and support of modern, technical projects. Thereby, the telecommunications sector plays an important role:
TELEFAX has been offering solutions in the field of telephony since 1980, and is continually adapting to the needs of the market and globalization through permanent technological innovations. While the telecom business has changed since starting in 1980, now the best possible solutions are developed at data network, LAN / WAN, WLAN radio systems and devices for interruption-free power supplies (UPS).  In the meantime, TELEFAX has taken over the equipment and services for important state organisms. These include e.g. National banks (Central Bank and Bank of the Republic), airports, call centers, paging companies, educational institutions, hotels and industrial enterprises. In addition, areas such as multimedia, cable television, press, radio, laboratories and computer science are supported.















Cooperation with COMLAB / Canada







GENEREX Systems Inc. Welcomes the Future Collaboration with the Canadian Company Comlab Telecommunications Inc. Comlab designs and develops demanding telecommunication monitoring equipment for government and retail customers.
With our high-quality products and service, GENEREX now supports Comlabs Davicom series of SNMP-enabled, intelligent remote monitoring, alarm and control systems that are widely used in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries.

Comlab was awarded a large-scale
Hydro Quebec battery management project:

Hydro-Quebec will rely on the BACS system to achieve cost savings in the area of remote battery management in accordance with the NERC PRC-005 standards. "The BACS system is today the most advanced battery monitoring and control system available on the market," said John Ahern, President of Comlab. "It offers unique functions that extend battery life and capacity, while maintaining reliability and reliability." 

Daniel Baileys, CEO of GENEREX Systems, Inc. is looking forward to working with Comlab:
"For GENEREX it was very clear to welcome Comlab as a channel partner with 20 years of experience in the remote monitoring and control market and a reliable product line.”















BACS Authorized Dealer   







BACS is our most successful product! In order for you to be able to use the BACS system as a customer, however, there is a need for professional training and introduction into the system through GENEREX. In doing so, extensive knowledge about our system is communicated in cooperation with the accumulators. This gives you the ability, to evaluate the battery condition correctly and make decisions:
The assembly and configuration of multi-layer components as well as the subsequent data analysis of measurement results require interdisciplinary knowledge from a wide range of disciplines and industries. We therefore ask interested customers who would like to sell BACS to participate in one of our free basic training courses in our business premises in Hamburg. Alternatively, we offer you one-to-one individual training at your local office at a nominal charge.  Furthermore, we raise the demand for our partners that a demonstrative and fully functional BACS system is available in our own premises for demonstration and training purposes by our customers.
Only after training and delivery of such a system, we will register our new partner as "BACS authorized reseller" and forward requests to them.

To be a distributor of our BACS-System you have to get the dealer status!

Please contact us for individual advice!

















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