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Cooperation between GENEREX and HUAWEI






Our RCCMD software is compatible with many major vendors of SNMP cards such as General Electric, Chloride / Masterguard, Mitsubishi, Sinectica, UNITE, Rittal, ONEAC or EMERSON.  Thanks to the RCCMD protocol, SNMP cards can send a shutdown command to all RCCMD clients in the event of a prolonged power failure. Since May 2016 HUAWEI SNMP cards support the GENEREX RCCMD software and can offer the shutdown routine via RCCMD for all types of operating systems.

HUAWEI moved forward:
Not only RCCMD is supported by the HUAWEI cards, but the professional monitoring of the UNMS software developed by GENEREX has also been integrated. The result of this collaboration is a professional HUAWEI SNMP card with the performance of an original GENEREX CS141.















Around the World with GENEREX
ELINEX is exhibiting at the International Port Exhibition 2017 in Rotterdam
the UNMSII and the innovative Battery Analyze & Care System BACS






ELINEX is exhibiting at the International Port Exhibition 2017 in Rotterdam the UNMSII and the innovative Battery Analyze & Care System BACS
 On 10th and 11th May, the Dutch specialist for uninterrupted power supplies presented the emergency power management system, developed and patented by GENEREX, on its exhibition area at the Port Exhibition.
Interested visitors from the fair were able to get to know the experts at ELINEX, who were informed about the interplay between UNMS II and the patented BACS Battery Analyze & Care System.
For more information on the Port Exhibition 2017 in Rotterdam, please visit:

*ELINEX - a well-known name in the Dutch market for uninterrupted power supply - relies on the systems developed and patented by GENEREX














The universal network management software

With the software solution UNMS II, GENEREX has now been providing a reliable and efficient way to monitor and control UPS systems, building systems and battery management network-based from any point in the world for more than 20 years.
The UNMS II is an individually configurable network monitoring and management software for managing network devices that are used to monitor power supplies. The UNMS II can monitor more than monitoring power supplies, it can centrally monitor the battery management system "BACS" as well as environmental sensors and alarm contacts:
This includes e.g. Smoke detectors, motion detectors and door contacts, as well as many other devices from the GENEREX range. The GENEREX range includes many environmental control systems like door contacts, motion detectors or even smoke and temperature sensors.
As minimum software requirement, the UNMS II runs as a service from Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. After installation and configuration, it collects the status information of all system objects and determines the status of its status and alarms. These values are displayed on different graphical levels and can trigger any freely configurable actions.

The special feature of the UNMS II is the free design of the surface, in order to make possible a simple operation even by a few network users: The UNMS II is fully web-based and can be reached from any workplace in the WAN / LAN. The access options can be individually adapted by different user groups, from pure monitoring to control.



Software RCCMD
RCCMD is the world's most successful multiple server shutdown software. It allows you to send or receive shutdowns and messages to any supported RCCMD receiver or server - you can use UPSMAN UPS management software UNMS II, the CS121 / CS141 SNMP adapter or any other RCCMD compatible network card. Thereby, RCCMD is responsible for the reliable execution of commands and transmission of messages to other clients and allows controlled, simultaneous shutdown of several clients and covers almost the entire spectrum of common operating systems.

RCCMD is the most proven solution at UPS-assured data centers and computer-based systems.

The most important thing is, it is supported by all common operating systems.













Our Software in the Overview












o Network remote control of any operating system  
   and computer
o Transfers alarm messages and remote sript  
   commands through networks  on multiple  
   computers  and different operating system
o Simultaneous shutdown of computers and  
   operating systems at critical conditions


o Network  management software for monitoring  
   and managing of UPS, Inverters, rectifiers,  
   batteries, generators and environmental sensor.
o Programmable reactions in case of critical   conditions
o Various connections (LAN, Modem, Wireless,  
   VPN etc.) and customizable user interface










o Management module for UPS systems through  
   serial, USB and network port
o Messaging and automatic shutdown in case of  
   critical conditions
o Programmable for individual scriptings
o Graphical Interface and logging


o Web and Windows-application for the grafical
   display and management of UPS and other devices
o Display of graphs, measuring data















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