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SMARTBATTERY & iBACS™ (pat. Pending)
Intelligent 7Ah Battery (EUROBAT General Purpose)
  • Special battery technology for high availability applications such as UPS or Telecom
  • High quality, VDE tested, CE and US/Canada UL approval
  • Reduces the lithium battery capacity gap by 20% with significantly higher reliability and safety
  • VAR partners wanted for integration with UPS, emergency lighting, battery cabinets
    and other stationary applications
  • Seeking a Licensee (battery manufactures, UPS importers, and OEM partners)
    for commercializing


The Conception

The SMARTBATTERY is the world's first intelligent AGM battery, integrated with a transponder interface and an expansion slot for battery management systems! By using the NFC technology, measurement data can be determined without contact so that even a 100% insulated system still allows access to measured data. Due to the historical data, the service technician is provided with "offline" battery monitoring data, at any time. The sealed lead-acid is battery based on VRLA technology and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation. With robust lead technology and lifelong battery data control, the SMARTBATTERY offers the most reliable battery system on the market with cost effective pricing.

Safety is the core function of every battery!

The battery acts as the "heart" in any UPS system and is responsible for its immediate availability. In modern, low-maintenance UPS devices, unmanaged batteries can also be a risk! To reduce the risk of battery failure in a UPS or other applications, batteries with monitoring and control technology must be used. SMARTBATTERY presents the optimal solution.

Lifelong record of vital data

The SMARTLOGGER integrated into the SMARTBATTERY is the interface between the battery and the user and ensures the recording function over the entire life of the battery. The SMARTLOGGER logs the voltage and temperature of the battery every hour and records it in a non-volatile memory over a period of 10 years.

SMARTLOGGER data transfer with NFC communication

SMARTLOGGER has a Near Field Communication Interface "NFC", which enables wireless communication. This low power communication avoids radio certifications that would be required for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This eliminates interference from other devices using the same frequency. Each SMARTBATTERY can be tested wirelessly using a smartphone or NFC READER. Up to a distance of 3 cm, the most important data can be picked up easily and without contact by using the near field communication "NFC". With the help of an Android smartphone or NFC READER, the memory can be accessed and data displayed. This is done using a SMARTLOGGER APP available in the GOOGLE PLAYSTORE.


The GENEREX SMARTLOGGER APP immediately provides the user with an assessment of the quality of the battery based on the recorded data and the limits set in the manufacturer of the battery. All stored battery data is compatible with the GENEREX BACS VIEWER software. Automatic analysis is possible, so that the user immediately recognizes whether the battery is in order, pre-damaged, or defective. In addition to the transfer to a Windows PC with BACS VIEWER, the data can also be transferred format to other applications for evaluation.

“Offline” Battery Monitoring through historical data

The SMARTBATTERY provides historical information. This allows the user to track back which data the battery has delivered in the past and how it performed during the last discharge operation. For example, after a discharge and recharge the battery data is evaluated and the user receives an accurate discharge and charge profile.

Interface to battery management systems

The SMARTLOGGER has another interface in addition to the NFC interface. This plug-in connection, which is protected up to 1000 V, forms the link to higher-level battery management systems such as iBACS / iBACS PRO or the BMS systems of SMARTBATTERY licensees.

Optional iBACS / iBACS PRO - Battery Management System

With SMARTBATTERY, system extension is possible. With the optional use of GENEREX products iBACS / iBACS PRO, in addition to data control available via the network, GENEREX’s worldwide successful battery management system “BACS” is available in 4th generation. The system acts on each respective battery to get the maximum capacity and life. The patented "Equalizing" delivers up to 20% more battery capacity and extends the life of the SMARTBATTERY closer to the design life. This corresponds to an up to 50% longer service life than without the use of iBACS!

The safest battery system on the market

A special safety feature is the use of high-voltage fuses for the test and supply lines between the battery, the SMARTLOGGER and the iBACS / iBACS PRO. All BACS generations have built-in fuses that prevent current from leaking across the module in the event of a faulty battery and overheating. Every lead acid battery manufacturer can now offer an increase in capacity & performance thanks to the use of electronics.


Lead is also a leader in terms of sustainability, as a lead-acid battery can be recycled up to 95%.

Seeking license and distribution partners

The SMARTBATTERY is a GENEREX development and is patent pending worldwide. Development and production tools are completed, licensees and distribution partners are sought to produce this product under license (7Ah to 150 Ah) or to distribute. We ask our OEM customers and interested licensees to contact us.

  • SMARTBATTERY 12 Volt AGM / VRLA for all Emergency and Telecom applications
  • UPS and stationary high-voltage systems up to 1000 volts
  • Coming in 2019: 18Ah, 45Ah, 90Ah, and 150Ah front and top terminal batteries
  • Records vital battery diagnostic data for up to 10 years
  • Wireless data transmission via Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Open source connection for OEM customers, licensees,
    slot for iBACS / iBACS Pro Battery Management Systems


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