GENEREX operates upon a strictly adhered-to B2B Business model, which means that we rely upon and actively support the market efforts of a select number of reselling partners in lieu of direct end-user exchange interaction. While we value and are inspired by the product and functionality feedback provided us by end-users, we refer any and all end-user purchase inquiries to the responsible OEM or reselling partner and support their efforts to provide the end-user with satisfactory products and services.

What is a RESELLER ?

An official reseller is a trading partner who is independent of us but carefully educated in GENEREX product functionality and industry expectations via an in-person training course, culminating in registration and integration into our official reseller registry.

These partners are granted access to our product catalogue and Reseller Pricelist, which includes our highly advantageous graduated quantity pricing structure. The Official Reseller is provided with top-notch product support and technical assistance as required, informed of any and all product developments as they occur, and granted access to GENEREX’s industry-specific and technical know-how, gleaned over 30 years’ successful business operation. Interested parties should contact us directly at to find out more.

What is an OEM ? 

The OEM Partner is the next level of prestige and service within our B2B model; they are our priority and supporting their business activity is our prerogative.  The OEM Partner is granted exclusive access to personalized “OEM Versions” of GENEREX products and services, prioritized provision of technical support services, automatic software maintenance and upgrade provision, as well as deeper pricing discounts.

The OEM Partner is granted access to our lucrative Royalty option, under which they are provided access to licensing rights as pertains to GENEREX’s product IP’s, allowing them free reign to produce and market their own versions outside of GENEREX’s direct input or oversight. This allows for increased freedom of direction for product development and integration; the OEM Partner is free to set themselves apart from competition based upon their own independent sense of market identity and ambition!