• Sensors and actuators to expand existing systems
  • System add-ons
  • Adapters for existing systems

Additional devices to ensure a good system status

A facility management system is more than “just a few wires”; it is an organically growing system structure that also has been open to unconventional solutions. Ultimately, that is because, when first implementing it, you cannot know what demands a system like that will have to meet and, in general, such adjustments are seldom made voluntarily:

  • Changes in statutory specifications
  • Changes in the usage profile of the spaces
  • Technical further developments and new standards

GENEREX offers a comprehensive range of special accessories and system add-ons with which you can add several features to your existing systems today for long-term and sustainable planning security:

  • Temperature sensors, gas sensors, pressure sensors, fire protection sensors
  • Access control systems, motion detectors, burglary protection
  • Expanded communicating with super ordinate and subordinate systems
  • Interfaces between hardware and software (e.g. via remote Syslog, RCCMD, etc.)
  • Adapters to connect island systems to create an overall system
  • UPS and battery monitoring concepts
  • Automated emergency management on site