• Remote monitoring and management of UPS systems and other safety components
  • Customized configurations allow for a wide range of safety levels
  • Freely configurable event manager, e.g. immediate reporting of alarm situations via email,
    SMS and network notifications
  • Freely configurable event-handling, i.e. immediate notification of alarm situations via E-mail,
    SMS and network messages.
  • Freely configurable and detailed logging options
  • CS141Pro and Modbus with the BACS battery management function

System compatibility, system security and an intuitive interface

The CS141 unites safety, flexibility and an intuitive user experience with a globally unique independence from UPS systems and, unlike proprietary system solutions, the CS141 is compatible with nearly every UPS model in the world. Thus, the emergency management of an IT infrastructure can be easily migrated to a new UPS with the CS141.

Battery management included

With BACS, our worldwide well-known battery management system is already included and can always be used independently of any UPS concept.