• Wide selection of scalable UPS management and monitoring solutions:
    From single-desktop systems to multi-platform computer centers.
  • Remote monitoring and management for sensitive systems that require reliable and stable protection.

Modern system management must be able to mediate between automatable computing processes, connected machines and human specialists

Modern UPS solutions are more than a collection of components and island systems

They are highly networked system solutions that can communicate independently of the respective platform, transfer controls to system-related and external components, control dependencies in cascade controls and, depending on the scenario, even mediate between automated processes and human specialists.

The customized software solutions from GENEREX provide holistic software solutions:

With 30 years of experience, the GENEREX system solutions offer practical, flexible and intuitively understandable, customized and intelligent management systems for

  • Monitoring
  • Process control for standard functions
  • Collecting and providing information
  • Reactive emergency management

With freely scalable system solutions from GENEREX, the scope of functions starts at burglary protection and can also handle complex fire protection systems with fully-automated server migrations to alternative sites can be integrated into any system and centrally managed.