• Patented Technology: EP EP18726032.8
  • Special battery technology for high-availability applications in UPS and other critical applications
  • The Highest quality, certified with VDE, CE and US/Canada UL
  • Reduces the capacity gap in comparison to lithium batteries by 20% with significantly higher reliability and safety
  • Licensees wanted (battery manufacturers,1 UPS importers, OEM and VAR partners, integrators) for mutual commercialization

The SMARTBATTERY is the first IoT battery in the world with integrated wireless monitoring

The SMARTBATTERY is the newest generation of an intelligent AGM battery equipped with a wireless-capable monitoring interface and an expansion slot for iBACS battery management systems (BMS) or any licensed BMS product.

The vital battery data is recorded across its entire service life and stored via the integrated SMARTLOGGER. This is done using the low-cost NFC technology, which allows wireless communication on any Android smartphone or tablet.

Upgradeability and flexibility

The SMARTBATTERY can be optionally equipped with our iBACS battery management system via a slot. In addition to full battery monitoring, this system is also equipped with the globally recognized and protected BACS equalization process in which the charging voltage of each battery is individually corrected. This provides the user a unique battery management system in real time that was developed with increased capacity, longer service life and longer warranty periods, especially for use in the area of critical emergency power supply.

The alignment of the battery is secondary

Due to the special design, the VRLA-based lead-acid battery can be installed horizontally and vertically. Due to its innovative plate technology, combined with a specially developed chemical composition, the SMARTBATTERY guarantees maximum reliability and longevity, especially in high current scenarios.

Due to this fact, the SMARTBATTERY is the best solution for critical applications.