Back in Stock: 15cm measuring cables available again

11 April 2022

In response to customer requests the BC5 measuring cables are now available with a 15cm length, again.

On the majority of otherwise “standard” installations the 15cm long BACS cables were installed far less often than their longer-length cousins, up until the past year or so.
More recently, however, an increasing proportion of installations featuring front-terminal batteries can be found in which the BACS module is mounted on the front side instead of along the top – hot tip: the battery name plate serves as a great surface for the Velcro adhesive! Since shorter cables are actually an advantage with this sort of an installation method, and since several clients have requested we do so, we are reintroducing the 15cm variation with the next price list, to be released in 06/2022.

Note on the above installation example: We only tolerate this type of mounting for the BC5 measuring cables for 6, 12, and 16-volt VRLA batteries, as there is no danger of such battery types otherwise releasing battery electrolyte, which could then enter the housing of the BACS module via the bus cables.