The Reseller List – A Quick Guide

11 April 2022

Curious Visitors to our website and prospective customers alike will have come across our Reseller List during their investigations. GENEREX distributes its products exclusively in accordance with its "B2B distribution model". As such, end customers and service companies are advised and possibly supplied by us based upon their given relationship with any one of our official local sales and distribution partners. 
In accordance to this philosophy, over the past 30 years GENEREX has built up a worldwide partner network of more than 300 "resellers" and 100 OEM/ODM customers, all the while strictly adhering to its “no end-customers” policy, choosing instead to devote energy and intellectual capital into supporting and encouraging the operations of these partners in the field!

For end customer enquiries, we generally refer interested parties to our reseller list from which they can choose the given sales partner at their own discretion. We are of course willing to provide helpful suggestions if required, should the prospective customer have specific needs which otherwise match the traits of a specific partner.

This list can be found under the following > LINK <

This List is organized by country, featuring a direct display of our current Reseller and OEM Partners in their respective countries; also featured is a color-coded indication as to the product / expertise offered by each given partner – whether they are primarily BACS resellers or whether they perhaps specialize in UPS product sales; whether they are an OEM or not, and whether they have expertise in our SMARTBATTERY family of products.

Each partner featured on the list has proven their expertise, either directly through undergoing a product / installation training in cooperation with our own sales and support team, or through having proven their expertise over multiple successful installations. The information available over the Reseller List can be broken down as follows, using Norway as an example country:

  • www – indicated by an interactive “globe” icon, the website of the respective partner can be accessed by clicking on the icon. Depending on the size of the organization it could prove difficult to find the right “connection”; to aid in this, we’ve also provided the “mail” symbol, as follows:
  • mail – indicated by an interactive “envelope” icon, clicking the corresponding icon will send a message to our sales department indicating interest in the respective reselling partner – both our US and Germany sales departments are included. We’ll then follow up with the Reseller or OEM in question with the corresponding details and request. 
  • company – here you’ll find the trade name of the company indicated.
  • OEM – represented by an accompanying green “dot”, these companies are OEM Partners with GENEREX. An OEM Partner might opt to sell an individualized, “own brand” version of the GENEREX product in question.
  • UPS – represented by an accompanying grey “dot”, these companies have expertise in UPS and UPS accessories, such as our CS141 family of SNMP/MODBUS BACNET cards.
  • BACS – represented by a brown “dot”, these companies have received the training and expertise required in order to be ordained “Authorized BACS Resellers”. The prospective client can be assured that such partners are able to not only sell the BACS product, but also to install, maintain and otherwise respond to any deeper informational requests.
  • SMARTBATTERY – represented by a blue “dot”, these companies are considered experts and sales partners with regards to our SMARTBATTEY family of products, including the SMARTLOGGER.