CS141 HW161, Update + new features

11 April 2022

CS141 HW 161 Update

If an IT product does not change to keep up with the times, it will ultimately become a liability. If that product functions as the brain of a complex and vital critical system infrastructure, it must not only change to keep up with the times, it must be pre-emptive in doing so! We at GENEREX understand this truth, and have invested the resources required in order to provide the most cutting edge, responsive hardware and software solutions on the market in an effort not only to keep our products updated and in accord with current data and technology trends, but also in an effort to provide the best and most functionally secure products possible for our clients.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that in Summer 2022 we plan to launch the latest hardware iteration of our flagship SNMP card, the CS141 HW161. With this hardware upgrade we are specifically targeting the CS141’s security infrastructure; The revised hardware is expected to be delivered in the middle of this year and will replace the CS141.

The update itself is based purely upon making the CS141 the most cyber-secure SNMP card on the market. We see cyber security as the next focus point in the natural evolution of the broader product category and industry in Europe, North America and in the expanded global market, in the face of a real or perceived increase of attacks to network infrastructure in critical power installations. As such, the update will be targeting the Ethernet stack (Gigabit), in addition to a general increase to RAM and ROM as well as improvements to the physical interface, all of which contribute directly to the functional safety and security of the SNMP card, which itself is the brain, the central interface and therefore the gateway of the system's management and security.

  • Gigabit
    In keeping with industry trends, Gigabit supports 1000Mbit transfer speeds – this is gradually becoming an industry “must-have” with many IT Infrastructures requiring it exclusively, and GENEREX is committed to staying at the head of the pack! Not to worry, though – 10/100Mbit is still supported, as well.
  • Substantial Memory UpgradeBoth as a reaction to current industry needs as well as an investment in requirements yet to come, we’re quadrupling the CS141’s memory to make sure that regardless of what comes next in cybersecurity, the CS141 will be equipped to handle it. What’s more: this additional memory better servers to make the CS141 able to provide larger logfiles for the BACS system; it will be able to store battery data for up to 5 years, locally!
  • The Reset ButtonThis feature will appeal particularly to engineers in the field – we’ve implemented a “reset” button to the face plate of our BSC and SC cards varieties to allow for a quick and easy restart. With this feature, engineers / users will no longer need to remove or unmount the card from the UPS slot in order to reset the CS141.

Our clients need to know that their critical infrastructure is managed competently and securely, and we believe that it is our responsibility to make this as feasible as possible, starting with the specific functionality of our SNMP card hardware and software.

Massive function expansion for the CS141 HW 161 Mini Slot

In addition to adopting all the HW 161 enhancements associated with the CS141 family as a whole, we are equipping the CS141 Mini with an RJ12 connector which allows the CS141 MINI to connect to BACS, SENSORMANAGER, and temperature and humidity sensors via a Type 135 adapter cable.

By doing so, the CS141 Mini becomes the smallest functioning
high-performance Webmanager in the world!

The HW 161 upgrade enables the Mini to become a “pre-installed” half of a functioning BACS System – just likes its “larger” CS141 device cousins. However, its “mini” size makes it the ideal candidate for integration into similarly small installation environments, such as Lithium battery packs…and more!

The CS141HW161 updated cards will follow naturally with the depletion of our current stock of CS141 cards. What’s more, the firmware as accords the otherwise standard CS141 will continue to be maintained and updated in parallel to that of the CS141HW161, without interruption.