**NEW** The Rapid-Deployment SMARTLOGGER: Now with Croco-clamps!

11 April 2022

Since its launch the SMARTLOGGER has been a hit, functioning as an easy-to-use and quick-to-install Battery Monitoring System. Especially amongst battery engineers and service personnel the “SM” has met with aplomb and appreciation: with a “kit” featuring a set number of SM modules and a smartphone featuring the dedicated “iBACS SMARTBATTERY” APP, an engineer can monitor and otherwise less “awkwardly” evaluate any number of individual sites and battery installations!

As of our most recently published Price List (January 2022) we’ve introduced a new variation to the SMARTLOGGER featuring “Croco Clamps” in an effort to make this “rapid-deployment” functionality even more accessible. 

  • Simply attach the SMARTLOGGER module to the battery via the easy-to-use clamps
  • Initialize the connection through use of the APP and your Smartphone’s NFC connection
  • Collect data / run a capacity test as required, and then delete the local SMARTLOGGER memory cache

Since it is possible to reset the local memory of the SMARTLOGGER, it can be reused again and again.

The analysis functions of the iBACS/SMARTBATTERY APP have also been improved:

With version 2.0, the measurement data can be converted into battery-specific diagrams and graphics directly after discharge using EXCEL

NEW: iBACS/SMARTBATTERY APP with freely definable thresholds!

There have been several requests from technicians on site whether it would not be possible to set threshold values for the most important data, as this would facilitate automatic data collection and evaluation. For example, a battery can be defined as "empty" at 11.5 volts, overriding our default of 9.9 volts. The temperature range can also be set individual.

This function will be retrofitted at the request of our customers and will be delivered with the next hardware version of the SMARTLOGGER from Q4 2022.