YONGYEA - Copycats of BACS ever-present

11 April 2022

Be Aware!
Another BACS Copycat out of Asia

Every year, competing products out of the BMS industry – especially those from Asia – discover that our BACS system is considered by and large as the “unofficial standard” for Western critical infrastructure projects and installations. We think this is great! And yes, we are of course tickled pink that technicians and industry experts all over the world think of GENEREX first when they hear the word "BACS":  Battery Analysis & Care System

However, feedback from within the industry has shown that others are also trying to piggyback off of BACS’ established name and reputation! Apparently, some competing sales teams have come up with the half-baked idea of name-dropping “BACS” as if it were a general industry-term for quality – it’s apparently enough to engender some sort of “Aha!” effect for prospective client. While such a tactic is slightly flattering (something about “imitation is the best form of…”), we of course denounce such behavior -- see for example our previous Newsletter edition, in which we discuss the CYBERPOWER copy. Today we want to introduce another offender, one who actually takes the charade one step further by actually using the printed name “BACS” to foist its own system onto the prospective user.

YONGYEA BMS System, out of Taiwan

This particular plagiarist organizes the distribution of his product, which actually originates from China, via a Taiwanese company headquarters:
GENEREX has a partner in Taiwan – a single partner! We’ve been exclusively serving the Taiwanese market for many years at the side of our trusted partner, JTI (JT Information Co. Ltd). Thanks to JIT's long-standing competence and reliability in local sales, the name BACS is now very well known in this beautiful country as a guarantee for quality and safety as accords to the mark: "Made in Germany".

YONGYEA is absolutely not a certified GENEREX Partner!

And yet, we have to assume that YONGYEA seeks to create exactly this impression with this "small addition" of the name "BACS".

On the YONGYEA website, "imported products from European production" is often used as a quality feature, which in this case is definitely a lie. In German usage this is called "Trittbrettfahrer" ... they’re freeloading off of the hard work and established reputation of others! Hopefully their clients are discerning.
If in doubt if the offered BACS product is an original GENEREX BACS, our support team will help to clarify and answer your questions via email: support@generex.de / support@generex.us !