**NEW** BACS BC 5 flexible + halogenfree Measuring Cables

04 May 2023

You asked, and we heard you!
New flexible BACS measuring cables as special series available

When GENEREX introduced Halogen-Free measuring cables to our BACS Battery Management System in 2020, our goal was to improve the overall safety and environmental standards both of our own product and also the industry at large.

Additionally, it was already becoming clear that for critical energy infrastructure – especially installations within datacenters! – halogen-free would soon become the “norm”. It’s no secret that halogen – though a useful component to industrial material composition in general – carries with it a myriad of potential hazards when exposed to fire or burning conditions, not to mention a dubious reputation for environmental damage by way of its poor recycling profile.

We were the first to make this change, and we remain the only supplier on the market offering halogen-free cables as “standard” and at no additional cost, and the industry feedback since has been overwhelmingly positive.

While the product quality and functionality continued undiminished, an unfortunate side effect of the switch to halogen-free materials was a noted decrease in flexibility to the cable itself. The “rigid cable” became a minor but noticeable issue for battery engineers and installation partners required to install BACS within tight or otherwise confined spaces.  BACS Engineers and installation partners are a clever bunch, and they as such immediately began to find workarounds and quick fixes to this flexibility problem. Still, we at GENEREX began to hear requests and suggestions along the lines of “Hey the product is great and durable, but the new cables are difficult to install in tight spaces!”

Well, we heard you, and we’ve done something about it. We’ve engineered a revised cable design which re-establishes the “flexible” nature of the pre-2020 measuring cables while still retaining the high safety standard assigned to halogen-free material use.

The key component of the redesign is a simple one: while the material by and large remains unchanged, we’ve reverted back to the “flat” cable style as previously featured in the “old” cable types – the “flat” nature of the revised cable simply allows for better bending / manipulation as needed for those tighter spaces. The redesigned cables will be available with longer lead times and higher prices; please ask for a quote if such more flexible BC5 and BC4 cables are required.