GENEREX participation in the research project "HeimBMS"

21 August 2020
GENEREX participation in the research project "HeimBMS" funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology - BMWi

It is not enough to gain energy from renewable sources, it must ultimately be stored through a sustainable and comprehensive concept. Some of the questions among others, The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy are receiving – is the energy used in electric vehicles which has been a much-heated discussion.

The other question is in regards to the infrastructure for the storage of renewable energy. Is it better to have access to batteries with extreme energy density (lithium) or to be "environmentally friendly”?

According to the doctrine, it is counterproductive to access lithium batteries, which are not recyclable and the disposal process many serious environmental problems.

The lead-acid batteries technology is reinventing itself!

Thanks to the latest developments, lead-acid batteries are achieving ever-higher levels of performance. Besides, they offer many advantages such as:

  • Low production costs and higher energy density than conventional lead-based batteries

  • Improved robustness and reliability than any lithiumbased batteries on the market

  • Highest environmental and closed disposal chains

Reason enough, the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy in the context that large-scale field research on the possibilities and future applications of this proven lead-acid battery technology deals as this still is no alternative than in many security-related areas. The project is an improved online lifespan and charge level forecast of batteries in photovoltaic home storage systems in cyclic operation. This can be achieved by their life both of its capacity as better utilization of the battery.

In addition to lower costs, better capacity utilization for smaller batteries and less use of hydrogen and a better life utilization to lower environmental impact through recycling/disposal.

We are proud to announce that GENEREX is associated in the BMWi research project to optimize the capacity and lifetime of lead batteries not only in significant measure but that our BACS system was chosen as a reference measuring instrument for research!

GENEREX provides BACS technology for active control and measurement for this research project. BACS successfully tracked the approach that the selective control of each battery during the charging / discharging process can be improved up to 20% of the capacity of a battery system. It can be scientifically proven that the service life of each battery - particularly in AGM batteries - to extend the service life and possibly reach the "Design Life" of the battery specified by the manufacturer.

Battery Management

BACS has been selected by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy and the executive University of Berlin. Because it works independently and transparently into every conceivable infrastructure integration. The proven BACS system will be used for capturing battery data and as a basis for the research project.

This research project started in 2019 and aims to implement the results in our 4th generation of BACS (iBACS / xBACS).

Partial results are readily introduced in 2020, including the measurements of "Ground Faults" - a required measurement by the US standardization authority NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation).