• Network-independent communication
  • Notification of technical personnel
  • Increased security through additional information channels
  • Flexible and quick to use

Signs of Life from the network ...

It happens more often than it ought:

the network infrastructure collapses due to an otherwise insignificant incident, for example because a switch was not protected by the UPS or a network connection becomes insecure due to an assortment of causes.

Suddenly, as a consequence, the overall situation can be misjudged.

A GSM Modem is a well-known backup-system

The GSM modem is an additional security measure with which the responsible coordinators and technicians receive an SMS immediately if and when a failure occurs within the UPS system - the core system of every modern IT infrastructure.

Since the SMS can be configured individually for each system event, it is possible to set up an additional security network that is independent of the location.

The earlier the responsible system technician and project manager know about a malfunction, the faster suitable corrective measures can be initiated. The SMS modem is connected to the AUX port and enables an additional independent communication path with which the responsible specialist staff can be informed as quickly as possible via SMS in case of an emergency.

Who is the GSM modem for?

Customers who choose a GSM modem are those who need to receive status information but cannot ensure communication or immediate access to the hardware, for any variety of reasons.

With the GSM modem, the CS141 or a BACS system can report directly to the engineer via SMS, independent to the network, and announce problems in a timely and direct manner. In this way the engineer and his employer save valuable time.