• Versatile application options
  • Unlimited connection options
  • Additional inputs / outputs when needed
  • Standardized dry contacts

Relay boards for commication via alarm wire

Known problems when a technician asks for additional inputs and outputs because of a technical task that must be solved:

  • Older existing systems are running that communicate via dry contacts.

  • An existing management systems must be expanded with new IT infrastructure contact options

  • Stand-alone systems with a system critical sensor configuration setups must be integrated into existing infrastructure management control systems

  • In order to switch and manage self-sufficient control systems, to release them time-controlled, to operate cameras ...

Even in large IT infrastructure concepts, there is always the problem with blind spots within.
The CON_(R)_AUX4 relay board is the best choice to find and solve the problem of such a blind spot within your infrastructure:


Via the CON_AUX4 relay board, the C141 Professional can be expanded by 4 additional inputs without a SENSORMANAGER. The inputs come with a complete event management handling on their own. Use the newly available ports for sensor contacts, feedback loops, function controls, pressure sensors, etc.


With the CONRAUX4, you can freely define whether it is an input or a switchable output: with the choice between input and an NC-/NO - Output, it is possible to switch any additional contact as needed. Even time-shift functions can be used for trigger conditions or pass an incoming signal directly through to another CS141 with a CONRAUX4 or a CON_AUX4 relay board or any other 3rd party management system, stand-alone system, inform upper and lower systems, trigger emergency procedures and many more.