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Accessories for lean and modern infrastructure management, made in Germany & the USA

Modern IT systems are now managed by complex and intelligent shadow systems that manage all of the IT system-related infrastructure measures like UPS solutions, temperatures, access controls, power switches and the like. With its selected range of add-ons for the SITEMANAGER 6 and SITEMONITOR 6, GENEREX offers the ideal system solution for modern and lean infrastructure management.

Prefabricated environmental sensors to connect to the SITEMONITOR 6

Sensor for relative humidity and acute water penetration

Ord. No.: SM64IIHYG2

The SM64IIHYG2 is required when humidity from evaporation, condensation water or cloud formation or the like, which results in a UPS system’s operating conditions being exceeded, is expected in the operating environment.

The SM64IIHYG2 water and humidity sensors can be combined with other sensors.

Measurement Range: wet or dry
Power Supply: 9 –15VDC
Current Consumption: ca. 20 mA
Contact Load: 125 VAC,60 VDC,1A
Type of Contact: NC o. NO (configurable)
Connection Cable: RJ12/6_5, 5m (Included) max. 50m
Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 27 mm (W x L x H)
Special Features: 1 sensor (Included) with cable length 2m, acoustic and optical (LED) alarm, connection option for up to 10 additional SM64IIHYG2

Accessories for the SM64IIHYG2

The SM64IIHYG2 can be connected via the SITEMONITOR 6 and can, alternatively, work in stand-alone mode as a water detector with its own alarm transmitter and an independent power supply unit. The sensor probe for the water sensor can be delivered with a 5m or 10m sensor cable upon request.

Ord. No.: SM_HYG_S
Water sensor with a cable length of 2m/78.74in.
Ord. No.: SM_HYG_S5
Water sensor with a cable length of 5m/196.85 in.
Ord. No.: SM_HYG_S10
Water sensor with a cable length of von 10m/393.7in.
Ord. No.: PS_HYG
Power supply for using the SM64IIHYG2 as a standalone version.

Glass breakage detector

Ord. No.: SM64_II_GLAS

The SM64_II_GLAS glass breakage detector is a fast and efficient way of ensuring the security of glazed surfaces and immediately outputting a digital alarm in the event of cracks.

The SM64_II_GLAS can be combined with other sensors via a sensor matrix.

Measurement Range: Radius ca. 2m
Type of Contact: NC
Frequency range: 120 kHz
Connection Cable: RJ12/6_5, 5m (Included) max. 50m
Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 14 mm (W x L x H)

Motion Detector

Ord. No.: SM64_II_MD

With the SM64_II_MD motion detector, rooms, access routes, hallways or escape stairwells can be quickly and efficiently monitored. As soon as the SITEMANAGER 6 receives a report of movement, any scenario can be realized, from an automated lighting system through to a complex reporting and warning system.

The SM64_II_MD can be combined with other sensors to create complex access controls.

Measurement Range: 14m x 14m, 90°
Power Supply: 9 – 16 V DC
Output Signal: Same as power supply
Current Consumption: ca. 17 mA
Connection Cable: RJ12/6_5, 5m (Included) max. 50m
Dimensions: 115 x 60 x 45 mm (W x L x H)

Electrical Door Contact

Ord. No.: SM64_DC

The SM64_DC is not an electrical lock; it is a supporting measure within the building management system. For instance, an alarm system can only be armed if all of the windows are closed.

The SM64_DC can be combined with other sensors to create complex access controls.

Type of Contact: Magnetic Alarm Contact
Connection Cable: RJ12/6_5, 5m (Included) max. 50m

Gas and hazardous substances sensors

Based on production conditions, toxic, fatal or highly explosive gas mixtures may develop. Gas sensors are often the only option for detecting these sometimes odorless and colorless hazards in time and taking automatic countermeasures.

Smoke Detector

Ord. No.: SM64_II_SD1

When fire protection regulations require, these sensors must secure facilities or flammable areas. Even without this statutory requirement, this sensor is recommended because the earlier the warning, the faster suitable measures can be taken in response.

The smoke detector offers additional protection in facility rooms subject to an acute or latent fire risk.

Power Supply Voltage: 10 – 15V DC
Output Signal: Same as power supply
Current Consumption: ca. 50mA
Detection: Photoelectric chamber
Anschlusskabel: RJ12/6_5, 5m (Included) max. 50m
Abmessungen: 84 x 77 mm (D x H)

Hydrogen Sensor

Ord. No.: SM_H2_LC

Hydrogen typically forms as a by-product of the charging process of batteries and is released into the environment via valves or open cases. Since it is much lighter than the surrounding air, it rises and collects on overhangs, in shelves, niches, ceiling areas, etc. As soon as the hydrogen concentration reaches about 4%, an unstable and highly flammable gas mixture will be formed up. Since hydrogen itself is odorless and colorless, you need specialized sensors like the SM_H2_LC require hydrogen sensors with which hydrogen can be detected at an early stage. The hydrogen sensor SM_H2_LC has a two-stage warning system in which the warning levels are triggered independently of one another. When used with the SITEMANAGER 6, the SM_H2_LC is placed directly on the digital inputs in order to receive a corresponding warning signal.

Power Supply Voltage: 9 – 112V DC (stabilized)
Current Consumption: ca. 300mA max.
operating temperatur: 0 - 40 C
measurement accuracy: +/- 20% under calibration condotions (20 C, 1013 hPa, hum. 65%)
Max. measurable instantaneous hydrogen concentration: 100% LEL (<1min/30min)

Third-party sensors

The SITEMANAGER 6 can also manage and link sensors from third-party suppliers. If you need sensors that require
  • pressure conditions
  • gas concentrations
  • light conditions
  • acid/base concentrations

or the like, ask us:

Together, we will find a customized solution to secure your IT and building infrastructure.