BACS Configurator shows pricing

19 August 2020

For our OEM customers and authorized reseller BACS

BACS Configurator with prices

The BACS Configurator on our website is often used for the determination of BACS components so that users get a list of BACS components that must be purchased to implement BACS for their battery systems. However, this list contains only the product numbers and quantities but not the purchase price. Prices must match by our customers using the current price list.

To improve our support for our BACS OEM customers and authorized reseller we updated this tool: The tool will require login for each customer which will use the current price list and not create your bill of materials as well as indicate your purchase price. The updated BACS Configurator will take into account any available quantity discounts. This will make it easier to provide quotations to our valuable partners. However, it must be added, that could engage in the planning of several identical systems, quantity discount price and a reworking by manual price list for such identical equipment are required.

For specific questions about the complex offers, please contact our support! 

The BACS Configurator with login for all OEM customers will be available in May 2020 through our website, the login details can be obtained in advance by email.