**NEW** Call for forecasts: Help us plan and secure your supply!

11 April 2022

Secure your Supply

It’s no secret that the electronics and electronic component industry is in a state of flux. In parallel to steadily increasing demand for consumer and industrial electronics there has been a growing uncertainty within the industry supplying components for those same goods.
GENEREX has thus far weathered the storm – we are extremely proud to report steady and dependable lead-times throughout this “crisis” period, due in no small part to our strong supplier relationships and competent material planning.
However, you as our valued customer could support us in these ongoing efforts – and secure lucrative costs savings for your company by doing so!
We thus hereby repeat our open call to all clients and customers to send us their forecasts and framework agreements for their expected SNMP card, BACS, and BACS peripheral sales for the coming 24-month period! 

FORECASTS – Make your estimations work for you!

It is a strange and exciting time for us all. The past two years have proven to be a boom period for GENEREX, where our deeply rooted dependence and reliance on western component manufacturers saw us stand relatively immune to the great shutdown and subsequent component squeeze out of mainland China. Coupled with a general industry boom for critical power management products and services, our most ambitious sales targets were reached early, and we've been hard pressed to keep up supply since. We've been riding the wave!
We'd like to keep riding it; the availability of key component parts has become even more volatile going into summer 2022, which means that the importance of our ability to organize our supplier sourcing chain has dramatically increased. To best plan for the next 24 months of BACS and CS141 card production, we ask for your input as business partner. Whatever realistic forecast information which you are able to provide with regards to expected stock requirements and time scales for the coming 24-month period, please do so provide.

A forecast is a non-binding estimation of GENEREX products sold within your portfolio over a given upcoming time period, most appropriately 24 months.

Though there is no contractual “fire” which could be held to a client’s feet in the case that a given estimation proves ultimately inaccurate, such information better informs our ability to gauge our own future production requirements; in this way, it is vital both to our and our clients’ business interests.

What advantage do you gain in giving us your forecast?

Quite simply, your forecast better ensures our ability to supply you! It informs our production estimates, which directly impacts our ability to meet demand. In giving a forecast, you also better improve your own “place in the queue”; in a given scenario in which two competing clients submit an order for similar quantities which we would otherwise be hard pressed to equally supply in a timely manner, the client who provided forecast information will be the client given preference of supply.
It is in our interests to support the clients who support us; in other words, in a “first come first serve” scenario, those clients who best provided estimates will be the ones “first served”. You scratch our backs, we scratch yours!
Please direct any forecast information to sales@generex.de (EMEA and South America) and sales@generex.us (USMCA and North America) respectively, with “Forecast” featured within the subject line.


2023 - Guaranteed delivery capability is the new competitive advantage!

The almost complete collapse of global trade channels due to the corona pandemic in 2020 and 2021 caught many companies cold - no one expected it, and all those companies who have production otherwise anchored in Asia have been massively affected. GENEREX was able to maintain its ability to deliver almost unchanged due in large part to its philosophy of producing only in the EU / USA and selecting suppliers only from within the western world. At the least, this stability has applied to the customers who concluded framework agreements with us during and leading up to this critical period. Those who have secured their ability to deliver in 2020 through framework agreements are well positioned for 2022!

But since the war in Ukraine began, European problems are now added and the supply crisis has now reached us after all!

The goods thus proactively secured and now remaining will be divided fairly among all customers, and we can no longer give any short-term delivery guarantees or delivery times for 2022. The "hoarding" of our products may be an option in the short term, but will otherwise create significant distortions in our production planning. The year 2022 is already "closed" from a production planning point of view, anyway - no change / increase is possible anymore because of the enormously long delivery times for all kinds of components, raw materials and the resulting price increases of 30 up to 200% - it has become an unprecedented situation.

We strongly recommend that Customers depending on the timely availability of our products in 2023 take all necessary precautions! We ask these customers not only to send us a - non-binding – forecast, but also to agree on a fixed framework contract with us so that we can order the required components NOW. Subject to our own supply, the ordered goods from the framework agreement will be accorded a prioritized delivery.

We look forward to your inquiry and will work with you individually on the best options for securing supply and optimizing prices.

Please contact us with any applicable requests by 30.04.2022 | James May (j.may@generex.de) for EMEA and South America and Daniel Baileys (d.baileys@generex.us) for USMCA and North America with the subject "Framework Agreement".