**NEW** Improvements to the BACS Webmanager Housing

11 April 2022

Improvements to the BACS Webmanager

Starting this April 2022 all of our BACS Webmanagers will be sporting a new look! In keeping with our philosophy of innovation in the provision of functional, utilitarian solutions, we’ve “upgraded” our BACS Webmanager in the following ways:

  • ABS Plastic Housing, instead of metal:
    ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a flame-retardant, light-weight and easily recyclable plastic material already commonly featured in the battery room due to its strong resistance to corrosive materials and otherwise excellent performance under heat – stress conditions.
  • Integrated DIN Rail:
    This is a “cutting out the middle man” improvement. Instead of having to order mounting kits (Part no. BACS_MNT_II in our catalogue) separate to the Webmanager in case of implementation into a DIN installation, with this improvement each and every Webmanager delivered come pre-integrated with DIN mountings as an otherwise unobtrusive part of the housing, itself.