The BACS Configurator - now with pricing

12 April 2021

For our OEM customers and authorized BACS resellers:

Determining the “nuts and bolts” of a given BMS array can be daunting, and while our sales and support staff is always willing to lend their expertise as required to our resellers and OEM partners, there are times when an answer is required faster than made possible by the chain of communication; it is for exactly such requirements that we created our BACS Configurator!

As a featured tool for our website, the BACS Configurator is ideal for use in the determination of BACS component selection and quantity; essentially, the user need only input a given set of data as regards system presets and requirements, and in return they receive a list of components specifically calculated for the implementation of BACS to their requirement. Until now, though, this list would have lacked the sales conditions and quantity discounts corresponding to their own specific OEM or Reseller membership or status. The customer would be required to subsequentally match each given article to the price on his or her current associated pricelist.

To improve our support for our OEM partners and authorized BACS resellers we’ve updated this tool to include such integrated pricing, automatically! 

We’ve instigated the optional provision of OEM/Reseller specific login credentials as the first stage of use for the configurator, which in turn enables access to the customer’s specific corresponding price list, now logged internally within the website substructure. The component list generated through use of the Configurator now comes complete with the customer’s specific pricing and conditions indicated, including any given discounts as corresponds to specific article quantity echelons! In improving this tool, we hope to make simpler and more efficient our clients’ efforts to develop and quote for any of their given projects.

Note that quantity discounts are calculated for individual systems—in calculating for a single system as intended for broader implementation across multiple sites or iterations, the participating party will need to manually calculate the implicated quantity and associated discounts.

Of course, our sales and support staff remain more than happy to assist with any calculations or quotations, as well!

The BACS Configurator with login for all OEM customers is available NOW through our website login credentials can be obtained in advance by email—simply send a short message to with your request, and we will investigate and provide the appropriate credentials in a timely manner.