„Made in Germany“ / „Made in America“

12 April 2021

One stands for quality and adherence to design, the other for muscle, and unparalleled performance. GENEREX and its products, component parts and services can claim these monikers for its own, and in an industry in which the vast majority of imitators and competitors claim instead “made in China”, our ability to do so is a large part of what defines us.

We’re different, because in the pursuit of success we do not turn a blind eye to the principles upon which our company was founded; our products are utilized globally, but we employ and invest locally. We believe that directing our business and flow of capital through our neighbors here in Europe and the North American subcontinent ensures a more long-term and far-reaching economic independence and enduring sustainability—also, we think that the goods and services from “closer to home” are simply better! It’s the driving spirit under which we were founded back in 1993, and it’s how we operate, still. We belong to ourselves, privately owned and family ran as a financially independent entity—no foreign concern is able to twist our arm or dilute our quality.

We derive pride and peace of mind from our principles, but we don’t assume that the client bases their decisions purely upon similar factors; the client who chooses GENEREX does so because of our reputation for product quality and industry innovation, and because of the excellence of our support services. Our pricing is fair, and the stability and durability engendered by the use of our products in critical infrastructure applications ripples forward in time; customer capital is saved proactively, and can be measured in repairs not required, in replacements not made necessary, and in crises averted.

Our marketing is “word-of-mouth” because our satisfied customers inform other customers, and it may be the case that “made in Germany” or “made in America” is mentioned only as an interesting side-point, if at all. Possibly the benefit is internal, only. Pride of origin, though, radiates outwards, and instills that ethereal and golden quality of workmanship into the products and services upon which our brand name is stamped.

An investment in GENEREX is first and foremost an exercise in rational business acumen. It is also an investment in and affirmation of European and North American industry; it signifies that the one making the decision thinks in terms of longevity and dependability.