2.12 - 221214

14. December 2022

Security Update

After upgrading to this firmware version, it is no longer possible to downgrade to a lower version.

Added Features

  • Include OEM specific favicon's [T4364]
  • Include OEM specific page title [T4580]
  • Display a warning if the system time is invalid [T4784]
  • Show warning message when default password is used [T4887]
  • Implement feature to send commands to another CS141 [T401]
  • eMailTrap Heartbeat: Add some device info to default subject line [T4114]

Changed Functionality

  • Always use HTTPS by default [T4890]
  • Turn off non-mandatory connectivity services by default [T4881]
  • Reduced power consumption for hw161 based slot cards [T4889]
  • BACS: Increased the number of configurable GX_R_AUX [T4833]
  • $$MBTAURUS (Taurus Modbus): UPS screen improvements [T4840]
  • BACS: New battery capacity calculation for batteries in "idle" state [T4812]
  • Implemented 'BUDGET LC' series features lock / unlock via license [T3195]
  • BACS: Supply the current sensor values via Modbus and SNMP with decimal places [T4839]

Bug Fixes

  • Restrict uploads to specific file types [T4899]
  • Verify authenticity of the update package [T3168]
  • Verify files types within the backup archives [T4894]
  • GX_R_AUX Status LED remains green at ComLost [T3660]
  • Archived log files are listed in web interface with invalid date [T3281]
  • Missing configuration for UPS battery too old at SNMP protocol [T4817]
  • Deactivated local users are deactivated only after the first WebApp login [T4885]
  • The UPS Event Job "UPS Offline" does not switch the UPS into bypass mode [T4810]
  • Multiple expanded events can lead to the last entries not being visible anymore [T4052]

OEM customer specific features, changes and fixes

  • OEM 002: AEG added PROTECT 1 (LCD) with XONL12B2
  • OEM 002: $$AETSER (Protect 1.100bl + 1xBP20): Some UPS functions are missing [T4801]
  • OEM 003: $$PILMOD10 (UNIBLOCK UBT IV): The screen is missing lines in front of the inverters [T4859]
  • OEM 008: LEGRAND TRIMOD BACnet section changed
  • OEM 008: $$TRIMOD ("Trimod"): 3-phase UPS shows incorrect frequency values [T4844]
  • OEM 008: $$TRIMOD (Trimod): Charging voltage and current are displayed wrong [T4842]
  • OEM 008: $$ECONT (WHAD HE 800/1000/1500): Read out battery values from UPS [T4883]
  • OEM 012: GENEREX NEUTRAL Added Smart offline UPs 12V-488V
  • OEM 012: GENEREX NEUTRAL added DELTA SNMP Card support for OID . DELTA MIB (UPSv5.mib)
  • OEM 012: GENEREX NEUTRAL added INVT HT33 Series
  • OEM 015: Newave Name change to ABB CH
  • OEM 017: MULTIMATIC: MD-PRO Slot UPS received a fix for UPS firmware back in FW 2.10 using KSTAR2 protocol (MD, MDO Series)
  • OEM 020: $$SALISEC ("Trusted/Tactical UPS"): Display "NA" for Battery when UPS is not in Backup [T4845]
  • OEM 022: BORRI added to "UPS Type 12" (and all other UPS using that protocol) new SNMP Traps
  • OEM 022: $$MBTAURUS System Screen Temperature Values "0.00°C" [T4895]
  • OEM 028: AKKUTRONIK Continuity Default Holdtime changed to 4 Minutes at 100% Load
  • OEM 029: Newave Germany name change to ABB DE
  • OEM 029: JOVYATLAS received new Logo
  • OEM 032: EFFEKTA Transferswitch ATS 16 received new EVENT and SNMP section $$ATS16 SNMP_STS MOD_ATS16
  • OEM 036: $$CONCE ('Upscale') scheduled battery test delivers wrong test result [T4850]
  • OEM 044: ABLEREX received new UPS model Modular UPS MD, TS, KR, MSII, MS, AR, OD, TT, TT GT, ATS
  • OEM 044: ABLEREX logo removed
  • OEM 050: $$CENTIEL(2): UPS Alert History: The order of the events is not correct [T4324]
  • OEM 050: Add Modbus register for "Output Energy Consumption" [T4856]
  • OEM 060: DFM SELECT extended SENTRYUM Events by Bypass bad/OK
  • OEM 064: LEISTUNG BRAZIL added Multi Sentry MST Series
  • OEM 064: LEISTUNG BRAZIL added NextEnergy NXE Series
  • OEM 065: ELINEX added Elinex IG200 Mod. 2022 Generator
  • OEM 070: ASTRID NEUTRAL changed EVO 5 SNMP Alarmtraps battery bad, A1, A6, A9, A10, A16, A20, A23, A24, A51 from red (Alarm) to blue (Informational)
  • OEM 072: ETEC added E-Tec Sentinel, Sentryum, Mult Power series
  • OEM 077: $$XONL12C (Power Value 1/1 (R)(T) 1-10kVA: A manual switch-off of the UPS is not recognized [T4800]
  • OEM 078: SICOTEC added MACAN series and EA 900 Pro RT
  • OEM 078: SICOTEC added EAST-LION series
  • OEM 079: ELTEK becomes DELTA and added support for DELTA SNMP Card support for OID . DELTA MIB (UPSv5.mib)
  • OEM 080: POWERSHIELD Australia first OEM release version with Arena, Platinum, Centurion, Commander, Defender, SafeGuard, Gladiator Series
  • OEM 082: SALICRU SPAIN added SLC Twin RT 3/PRO3
  • OEM 082: SALIRCU added SLC TWIN PRO3, RT3 with 3 and 4 KVA using new modbus protocol MBINNOVA
  • OEM 082: SLC ADAPT2, $$MBADAPT2, problems with the display of the frequencies [T4799]
  • OEM 082: Integration of the "TWIN PRO3/RT3" UPS and protocol [T4814]
  • OEM 087: ADPOS added Mini J II Series,
  • All OEMs using RIELLO SENTRYUM UPS: Changed Event section from "EV_AE" to "EV_GPSER" and added new SENTRYUM Events by Bypass bad/OK
  • All OEMs using Automatic Transferswitches ATS/STS: Introduced new EVENT section, new Modbus section, new SNMP section