CS141 BL now discontinued

11 April 2022

End of the Line: CS141BL discontinued

Effective with the launch of our July 2022 Price List, the CS141BL “Budget External Adapter” will no longer be offered as an option within the CS141 family of SNMP Card products.
Essentially, where previously we were able to offer a relatively weighty discount based upon minor differences in hardware / component allocation (hence the “reduced” functionality / features otherwise found on the “BL” version), we’re no longer able to do so.

Since the electrical component market has found its pricing as applies to such minor components “equalized” over the course of the past two years, the “BL” version – as a “budget” item – can no longer compensate its reduced functionality through cost savings, meaning that the pricing gap between it and the “full” CS141L version has all but become inconsequential. As such, we no longer find it appropriate to market the item.
Henceforth, we recommend that our CS141BL clients make the switch over to the CS141L “Full”-version SNMP Adapter. Filling the identical functional role as the now-discontinued Budget version, the CS141L offers increased functionality at a still-reasonable price. 

And there are further options to reduce the small price difference to the CS141BL - with our “quantity discount” structure, the savvy purchaser is still able to marshal savings of their own creation through increased single-order volume amounts.