The BACS Family: A Chain of Scope

12 April 2021

A Better Battery: Scale-able BMS Solutions from GENEREX!

BACS, or Battery Analysis and Care System – our Battery Management System –has taken the critical systems management industry by storm. In terms of quality, dependability, and especially function, no other system can compare to the services and strengths offered by BACS, but it is important to consider that not all battery systems are equal. In some cases, an array does not require management; in other cases, the array itself may be of a composition precluding the use of external peripheral devices.

Even in these alternate cases, GENEREX is proud to present services and products which serve to stabilize and secure critical loads and provide ease-of-mind to both end-users and service providers. GENEREX suggests considering our battery management and monitoring services as a chain of scope, from our SMARTLOGGER to our SMARTBATTERY to, finally, our integrated BACS system.

The SMARTLOGGER – The “On-the-go” Monitoring System

The SMARTLOGGER is essentially a mobile and rapidly deployable battery monitoring system.
Each SMARTLOGGER module functions as an independent and individual monitoring device, feasible both as a part of a system of consecutive data providers and also as single-target relays of state-of-health and state-of-charge information for standalone batteries. As such, the SMARTLOGGER is best considered an inexpensive, easy-to-deploy BMS devices, especially attractive to small-scale Telecom and tester arrays though also applicable to large-scale arrays. The SMARTLOGGER provides instant information as to battery voltage and temperature, and can be prompted to instigate onboard capacity tests, at-will; the responsible engineer need simply connect the device to the battery and fire up the corresponding APP to access and utilize the functions desired.

The SMARTBATTERY – An Integrated Innovation

The next step in the chain of scope involves another exciting product from GENEREX: the SMARTBATTERY. The SMARTBATTERY is essentially a physical battery which from date of production is integrated with an onboard monitoring system – the SMARTLOGGER - which functions as a “black box” for data trend and warranty purposes, set up in a way in which the manufacturer or OEM can opt to include BACS as an integrated “slot” device connected directly to the battery terminal. This integrated BACS is an exciting new feature which we’ve aptly named “iBACS”. Even without the integrated iBACS, the SMARTBATTERY provides at-will information about temperature, voltage and state-of-health; this function is the inherent core design principle behind the SMARTBATTERY! By making available data collection from “birth”, battery manufacturers and OEM providers are able to track usage and function history at their own discretion. Warranty architecture and “fault” management thus become automatic—there need not be anything secretive or unclear about battery performance, ever again.

BACS: GENEREX’s Flagship BMS Solution

And finally, the over-arching and functional “top of the mountain” of the BMS industry is our acclaimed BACS Battery Management System, which likely needs no further introduction. BACS both monitors and manages the battery array to which it is applied, providing stabilizing “balancing/equalizing” functionality through intuitive manipulation of voltage along the string while also making available more classical BMS features such as data provision and alarm provision with regards to individual and string voltage, resistance, and temperature. This is the cream of the crop, the bellcow and the industry standard, all-in-one.

Wherever the end-user’s requirement lay, GENEREX provides a feasible and trustworthy solution to fit the need.