CS121 – Legends Never die - but network products do!

12 April 2021

It’s a testament to the quality and endurance of our discontinued CS121 SNMP Manager that now, even some 5 years after its having been made obsolete by its successor the CS141, customers are still happily using their CS121s.
When we first produced the initial iteration of the CS121 back in 2002, our primary goal was to break free from the inadequate durability of the hardware imported from China as noted on earlier hardware iterations (CS 110, CS111, CS122).
It was impossible to explain to end users that their UPS hardware could work for 10 years and more, while our imported hardware would begin to irreparably fail shortly after the end of the given warranty period. Our investigations showed that the cause was clearly due to the inferior components inherent to these imported devices. The logical answer stared us in the face: if you want it done right, you’ll have to do it yourself.

With the CS121, we launched our first self-built unit with components sourced specifically to avoid the use of Chinese components—and eureka!—the problem was solved. The failure rate dropped dramatically and for more than 10 years the CS121, with its unsurpassable durability, was the best and finest device on the market. However, now in 2021 the CS121’s outstanding quality has become the source of a new and unique problem—customers don’t want to give them up! Though contrary to current technological trends and security advice, customers seem hesitant to part with their seemingly well-functioning devices, holding to the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Unfortunately, this strategy runs contrary to today's requirements for network security. The CS121 was designed in the last millennium and is as such unprepared for modern cybersecurity threats.

We must announce once more, however, that since it is a discontinued product we no longer provide technical support for the CS121!

This means that its firmware and software is no longer maintained or updated, which also means that the CS121 is inherently a security risk, as such. Clients continuing to utilize the “old reliable” CS121 do so at their own risk.
We recommend that customers contact their preferred GENEREX reseller or OEM partner and discuss an upgrade to the official successor, the CS141.

Please note: In 2021 the 2nd CS141 generation will be launched; this new generation, the "CS141 HW161", is a device specifically designed for "cybersecurity", and its target is to exceed all current system security requirements.