**NEW** in the GENEREX team - International Sales Director: James May

12 April 2021

James May has joined our team effective August 2020 and is responsible for international sales activities, key account management and client outreach. He also will be assuming much of the responsibility for our external training courses as well as product presentations.

Born and raised in Rock Hill, South Carolina, but based internationally for the breadth of his career, James brings a wealth of experience and positive energy to the role, and he is proud to be the point of contact between GENEREX and its valued client base, going forward. English is his native tongue but he isn’t half bad at speaking German, and his greatest pride and source of motivation is his family. Any and all sales and market activity inquiries can be directed to him, and he is always free for a chat about the Allman Brothers or the Carolina Panthers!

You can reach Mr. May:

  • by phone at   +49-40-2269291-190
  • by email at     j.may@generex.de