**NEW**: SNMP TRAPS, Freely configurable

12 April 2021

The customer asks for it – and we implement it:
Normally, an SNMP TRAP will only trigger when the status of a given system is altered. Due to this fact, testing SNMP traps is complicated because an alarm actually has to be triggered to send the trap. With a UPS or battery system, it is quite difficult to trigger an alarm without endangering the system or the user.

Some customers have asked whether there is a possibility to send these SNMP TRAP messages independently of status changes. They want a save method to test their alarm centers without having to trigger a real alarm on a UPS or battery system.

The GENEREX development team has addressed this issue and implemented a new function.

Now, with the Scheduled SNMP Traps, this will be possible!

The CS141/BACS/SITEMANAGER can simulate an alarm in a time-controlled manner and send out the corresponding SNMP traps. Due to the scheduling, the user can easily see whether this alarm was sent at the time of simulation - or if not - it is a real alarm.

These days as well as in the age of remote monitoring, it is important to be able to test all functions without having to have an employee on site at the terminal.

How do you get this new feature?

  • Download the latest firmware version for your device from the GENEREX Download Center or from the homepage of your GENEREX partner
  • Carry out a firmware update - done - the new function can be found under SNMP.

Starting immediately, this new function will be available for ALL CS141 based products at no additional cost!