**NEW**: The BACSLog Chart, a “BACSVIEWER Lite” in your Web-browser

12 April 2021

As a complement to our groundbreaking BACS Battery Management System, the BACSVIEWER software stands as one of the professional battery technician’s most valuable tools. With this software, the technician is able to export, expand upon and investigate any and all battery data gathered by the BACS system with the utmost attention to detail—each battery, each string, every change in voltage, or temperature, or resistance, or intensity of balancing!

For the end-user or for the interested outsider, such a wealth of information can be both overwhelming and also perhaps unnecessary. Possibly such a person simply wants to have a good hard look at a particular piece of data, without expanding the scope or needing to use a separate piece of software to do so.

We have a solution: Our “BacsLog Chart”, which functions like a BACSVIEWER Lite of sorts, accessible directly from your preferred Web-browser as a built-in service to the BACS Webmanager!

Easily navigable, intuitively presented and highly reactive, this service stands in as the bridge between the end-user and the qualified battery engineer.

There is no need to hassle with downloading and implementing the BACSVIEWER software, since the “lite” version is imbedded into the Webmanager itself. Simply navigate to your Webmanager’s IP address and select “Logfile” à “BACS” à “BacsLog Chart”, then select the time window in which you wish to further investigate. Choose between an isolated view of Voltage, Temperature, Resistance or Balancing, or take a look at a combo of all four values. Color-coded and simple to navigate, this function provides an accessible and yet also comprehensive look at the data collected and logged by the BACS modules managing your batteries.