Post COVID: The dawn of a Remote New World

12 April 2021

The COVID 19 pandemic has revealed much to us about our modern society, about the ways in which we coexist and communicate with one another, and how these things must change in a time when human contact need be avoided where possible.

Perhaps most clearly, COVID 19 has impacted the way in which we conduct business with one another.

It is this last point to which GENEREX finds itself called upon to step forward as a provider of solutions, and it is due to the implications of new workplace priorities that the COVID pandemic has brought about a key increase to demand for GENEREX’s products and services.

The market in which we have built our niche is one concerned with critical infrastructure stability—our products and services insure that the power stays on in hospitals, airports, power stations, data centers and communication hubs. In such applications it is imperative that the ever-vital “failsafe” option stands available in optimal readiness in case of unforeseen interruptions to the power supply.

We make sure that the light stays green, and that when it turns red, we make sure that any measures that can be taken to immediately rectify the issue are taken automatically, or that the responsible party is informed quickly and seamlessly. Seconds are precious in such scenarios, and any utility which can be depended upon to prevent the escalation of catastrophic fault must be valued accordingly.

Post-COVID, the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control such utilities has become not only preferred, but requisite. Automation has long since become the general trend in technical services, but since the arrival of COVID, words such as “home office”, “remote”, “online” and “high availability” have become key, and their provision as part and parcel of technical support services has become dramatically more important to clients and service providers alike.

Where unmanned services can be offered and rendered in a trustworthy and efficient manner, it is tantamount that such services be utilized.

Our CS141 WEBMANAGER, our BACS Battery Management System, our SITEMONITOR and SITEMANAGER, our UNMS and RCCMD software solutions; these are products upon which remote service providers may depend. We’ve been here since before COVID, and in the days and months and years following its arrival we will continue to be here, provider of solutions.