**NEW**: Remote SYSLOG

12 April 2021

From FW1.88, the CS141 supports Remote SYSLOG

Your clients request it; GENEREX delivers:
In implementing Syslog—a standard for the transmission of log messages in the IP-based computer setting—the CS141 / BACS has fulfilled the desire of many network administrators.

GENEREX deploys "Remote Syslog" as a standard for all CS141 and BACS systems.

When the firmware update is done, this function is available. The webmanagers will offer the option to transmit alarms and relevant system messages in a standardized format to a central collector within the network. Higher-level software can then access the centrally stored log files and provide the user with a filtered overview of all devices on the network without the need of contacting and reading out each device individually.

The Syslog has always been displayed on all models of our CS141 product family: This file has been processed, filtered and displayed via the web browser as the "event log". With the implementation of Remote Syslog, another powerful tool is available for the integration of key data into far larger networks in order to centralize the management of critical devices.

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