12 April 2021

What is the most common cause of battery sudden death?

UPS system vendors and users often run into problems when their batteries fail through “sudden death”—they stop working with little or no clear warning, leaving the rest of the system in the lurch.

Since a sudden death generally results in the destruction of any data or retrievable history, and since for the most part the “death” precludes any sort of evident indication, the battery cannot be used for further investigations. Without reliable measuring data, the reason for a sudden battery death remains unknown and the responsible engineer or user is left in the dark, and it is up to the vendor to decide if a given warranty claim will be acceptable or not based upon scant evidence. The situation until now has not been ideal! But….

Now the SMARTBATTERY has arrived– the world’s first black box-integrated battery!

The SMART technology from GENEREX offers a special method to ensure battery function and data logging “from the cradle to the grave “, beginning with the production and delivery process and including storage conditions, pre- and post-sale:

  • Voltage conditions
  • Temperature conditions
  • Capacity conditions
  • Storing time and conditions

Upon initial activation, the SMARTBATTERY begins to write black box data; this data remains stored for the lifetime of the battery, integrated but independent to battery function. Through use of such technology a vendor will always be able to search for hidden signs that may cause a sudden battery death before installation, while also retaining said data well after the battery has ceased to function.

Since the SMARTBATTERY by its very design cannot be reset or tampered with, measured data stands incorruptible as a witness to the battery’s usage and treatment, which makes it invaluable with regards to warranty and other eventual legal disputes.

The SMARTBATTERY design boasts an integrated LOGGER, which collects and catalogues data over the course of a 10year period and subsequently makes the data available for interpretation and analyzation as required, at-will—this is immensely useful for on-site analysis. Since the SMARTBATTERY‘s internal memory is specially protected against manipulation by design, it logs customer use without bias or risk of tampering. The more SMARTBATTERIES in the array, the more reliable will be the information to which a vendor has access.

Manufacturer specifications and use of warranty conditions are held self-evident.

Each SMARTBATTERY also comes complete with a featured “slot” port for expansion cards, into which our iBACS (“Integrated BACS”) slot module can be integrated, as well as any given 3rd party BMS module adhering to the slot format. (Open Source)

If the interface of the SMARTBATTERY is equipped with "iBACS", the internal data collection and archiving continues, but also serves the "iBACS" module with measurements. This redundant data collection and archiving is a unique feature. And - of course, with this feature, BACS has raised the bar once again in becoming the most modular system on the market.

Compatible with commercially available UPS systems

Due to its almost identical dimensions to a standard 7Ah, the 7Ah SMARTBATTERY can be used as an integrated component of any given UPS array.

The operation for the user is very straightforward; simply download and install the iBACS SMARTLOGGER APP and enable the NFC capabilities of the according ANDROID device. After initialization, the SMARTBATTERY status becomes available for a first battery screening:

The selected colour code system allows the user to determine at a glance whether the battery has been utilized within the manufacturer's specifications during the intervening period since its manufacture or commissioning. In addition to contactless data polling via NFC, the SMARTBATTERY provides a touch-protective casing to max out maintenance safety. If required, an external antenna can be retrofitted, which makes the readout point flexible.

For more information about the iBACS SMARTBATTERY APP, please see its corresponding product information page on our website at:

The concept behind the SMARTBATTERY allows battery manufacturers or importers to license the actual SMARTLOGGER technology directly from GENEREX and therefore upgrade their product attractively:

The SMARTLOGGER is a passive system component and, as an integral part of the battery, enables the recording of function and usage data as well as the protection of optional sensors such as the "iBACS" by 2 high-voltage fuses. The measurement parameters can be freely defined by the respective manufacturer - the internal data memory holds data for up to 10 years in the standard version and can also be adapted if necessary, so that the storage periods can be extended or alternatively more data records can be recorded and kept.

Owing to its inherent flexibility, the SMART technology behind the SMARTBATTERY can be used with nearly any battery chemistry or charging concept, from Lithium to NiCd, independent to the size of the battery in use, even with experimental battery chemistries!

The autonomous and maintenance-free SMARTBATTERY technology provides for dependable data logging with application to:

  • Individual batteries (voltage, temperature)
  • Battery string voltages (sum of individual voltages via the SMARTBATTERY APP)
  • Number of charge / discharge cycles
  • State of Charge (SOC) automatically determines the battery capacity in the event of a discharge
  • State of Health (SOH) is determined by comparing the SOC with the other SMARTBATTERIES

For battery manufacturers:
Increase the attractiveness of your products with the SMARTBATTERY!

Our initial tests and market feedback indicate that the SMARTBATTERY design can be implemented as a configurable manufacturing option for less than 5 € per unit, but batteries so produced thus incur a considerable increase to market appeal and added value, while at the same time increasing its internal range of function and application. Perhaps most vital: such a product implementation grants a truly unique selling point compared to all competitors on the market!

GENEREX is pleased to welcome you as a licensee. Contact us without obligation and let us know your personal design wishes and features that you always wanted to give your battery.

We look forward to your enquiry.