The SMARTLOGGER - SMART Battery Monitoring, in your pocket

12 April 2021

When damage becomes noticeable in a battery, it is often too late to rescue – the real battery damages are often hidden and can only be found over time by specialists with expensive equipment designed for long term measurements. During installation, vendors are not able to predict or control for any hidden battery damages.

By closing the gap between battery monitoring and on-site measurement protocol at installation, the SMARTLOGGER APP helps to protect against costly incidents caused by batteries which develop catastrophic faults or that are defect at delivery.

Offline Monitoring: The Power of a BMS in the palm of your hand!

Picture: The SMARTLOGGER APP reads battery data via NFC and shows the battery capacity results from the battery’s most recent discharge. A snapshot such as this one is usually the result of considerable effort, as pieced together by a given service engineer--here it is available “automatically”!

As a background task, the SMARTLOGGER measures battery data over 24 hours, each day. In case of a discharge cycle, the logging frequency is automatically increased. After this cycle, measured data is available until the next discharge/charge cycle, or until the data is explicitly delivered via NFC to an according terminal device, for example by a service technician with the SMARTLOGGER APP or via the optionally available iBACS module. Thus, a complete record history of the last discharge cycle is available which also includes the battery’s health and indication as to if the capacity is within the nominal value range. Since SOC is directly connected to SOH, the SMARTLOGGER displays both results as pertains to each discharge and provides immediate indications when the performance and thus the battery health decreases.

Because the black box data cannot be changed or manipulated, customers and vendors will use the same data in case of a battery warranty issue. For all parties, this “black box” feature is mutually beneficial.

Advanced Transparency – Stay in touch with your customer

If battery failure occurs at an unusual rate within a specific site or system, something may be fundamentally wrong within the system infrastructure of the UPS or array. With the SMARTLOGGER APP, the vendor and customer are given the tools to work together to find the reason and solution. They can share the platform between them - from the office or on-site, the data can be quickly and easily scanned and shared, all “above-board”, fair and square.

There is no additional network infrastructure required, and the installation can be done quickly and easily, either separately or during standard maintenance work.


The SMARTLOGGER FREE app (available via google play store) is capable of managing readings from a given SMARTLOGGER or SMARTBATTERY in real time, and provides a powerful offline monitoring interface. This allows for offline monitoring as a service by 3rd party companies as well as internal technical staff. Since the black boxed data is not manipulatable, vendors and customers can work together on any issues or challenges which arise on a basis of shared belief in fair and open data provision:
The SMARTLOGGER can be found as an integrated component of the SMARTBATTERY or as an external device for retrofitting.

The picture to the right illustrates the reading process: the NFC chip’s position is close to the antenna (external antenna extension optionally available) and allows the APP to access and poll the logger status within 1 second. The processed measuring results will be provided by an easy-to-handle colour code. If "green" appears, everything is OK and the smartphone can be moved to the next battery. Reading out 24 batteries of a DC system usually takes 24 seconds - no traditional measurement can provide a faster method to get reliable readouts!

Advanced features for professionals and manufacturers

With the SMARTLOGGER PRO App, vendors will get an extended scope of function

  • Readout the complete history of a SMARTBATTERY
    With the PRO version of the app, the battery manufacturer can not only see the period since the sale to the end customer, he can also see the period since the production date or first initialization of the SMARTLOGGER. This allows the manufacturer to check and archive the quality of the battery before its having been sold to the end customer – in case of a later warranty request, the manufacturer can use measuring data from the time before the sale, e.g. storage conditions, etc.
    The first records of the black box data are taken directly after production and provide valuable insights into supply chains, storage conditions, forming processes, etc.
  • PRO FUNCTION: “Set Sales Date” for the SMARTBATTERY
    The "Set Sales Date" feature allows manufacturers and suppliers to set the time stamp of the purchase date. By doing so, it finally possible to decide within seconds whether a battery is still covered by warranty.  Furthermore, when the purchase date is set, the history of a battery is locked for the user of the SMARTBATTERY FREE APP and can only be read out with the SMARTLOGGER PRO APP. For customers with the Free App, the records start with the date of purchase.
    The external version of SMARTLOGGER is specially designed for retrofitting. With this "Reset" function, the SMARTLOGGER can be reset and reinitialized after usage on site. The difference to the hard-wired version within a SMARTBATTERY is, there is no permanent memory to provide data for a maximum limit of about 10 years. The SMARTLOGGER can be used infinitely on site or as a small and easy-to use local offline - backup monitoring.